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How to Slenn in Mobile Legends (ML) – Suren or Surrender means to give up, doing Suren when the match is played automatically ends the match and you lose. This is how Shuren is done in Mobile Legends.

Mobile Legends is a MOBA game made by Moonton that is very popular and widely played, especially in Indonesia. Many esports departments are participating in revitalizing Mobile Legends on the international stage.

The way Sren is done in mobile legends is pretty simple, and this method is usually used to give up or negate when one of the players AFKs.

Here’s how to check it in Mobile Legends for beginners.

How to Slenn in Mobile Legends (ML)

How to Slenn in Mobile Legends (ML)

To create Sren, you can do it from the game settings. You can press the Slenn button to give the team a surrender vote. Here’s the full method:

  • First, during the game, the surrender button will appear within 3 minutes.
  • To view the surrender vote you can open it [設定]>[基本]>[ギブアップ]click the button It’s at the bottom.
  • A surrender vote is displayed and each player can choose to agree or not.
  • If the number of matches is 4 or 5, the game automatically ends and you give up.
  • If less than 3 votes are agreed, the game continues.

How, isn’t it very easy, this method is done if the game is very impossible or one of the players AFK, the game is void and you have to give up.

Above is the information of sure method of Mobile Legends. Please do your best. See you in other articles on!