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Mobile Legends Presents Lolita Heroes Remake – Mobile Legends recently made a remake of Lolita Hero. This one of his tanks is starting to show a new look for his hero.

Lolita is the most remade tank hero. Older players should know how Lolita Hero was designed when it was first released.

Well, yes, the first Lolita was released with a very small character, but with big weapons, even Lolita’s weapon size was five times the size of Lolita herself.

After that, Moonton did another remake of Lolita.

Mobile Legends Presents Lolita Heroes Remake

This remake seems to show Lolita growing up and now looking like a beautiful teen.

The latest remake shows an adult version of Lolita Hero, but there are also some changes to the output it uses. For example, removing head protection, revealing more clothing, or tying your hair.

The weapon Lolita uses has also been changed, with a large hammer with a glowing core in the middle and a sturdy metal exterior.

Unfortunately, there are no leaks as to whether or not Lolita’s skills will also be revamped, but Moonton hasn’t provided any release date information for this latest update either.