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The Latest Mobile Legends Patch Presents Magic Sentry

Mobile Legends game developer, Moonton has released patch 1.7.20. In this patch, Moonton brings many changes. One of them is the Magic Sentry feature in the battle arena. Then, what is the function of Magic Sentry?

Simply put, Magic Sentry is a legal hack map from Mobile Legends. This feature allows players to see enemies or opponents in the jungle area.

Magic Sentry will activate when the Inner Turret (turret in the base) is destroyed. When you activate it, you and your team are given a vision for six seconds. While the duration of the reset is 90 seconds.

The Magic Sentry Mobile Legends feature will appear on the back side of the right or left wall of the base.

To activate Magic Sentry, players simply stand around it. After that, a blue wave will appear and shoot light into the jungle area.

Magic Sentry is made for Mobile Legends players who don't understand macro or can't predict enemy movements.

Previously, this feature already existed in Dota 2 in the form of an edged stick. While Mobile Legends is in the form of a crystal.