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3 Best Mage Heroes Mobile Legends Season 25

The best Hero Mage Mobile Legends season 25 in 2022 is an overpowered hero and is often used by pro-player Mobile Legends players.

Who are the Mage heroes, let's discuss the best Mage Mobile Legends heroes in season 25.

3  Best Mage Heroes Mobile Legends Season 25

1. Lilya

This hero, which is identical to a tiny body, can be an option for those of you who want to have aggressive gameplay. Lilya is the strongest hero in the early game.

Even at level one, he is very strong because Lylia can immediately activate 2 skills.

With a combination of skills 1 and 2, it will produce a mini bomb explosion that can provide very painful damage and a slow effect that will make it difficult for the opponent's hero to move.

Lilya can also be said to be a counter for heroes who have Burst Damage. With the right use of her ultimate skill, Lilya will be able to restore the situation.

Because the ability of her ultimate skill will be able to make him return in a state of 4 seconds before he uses his ultimate, and able to refresh his 1 and 2 skills.

2. Kagura

Kagura is one of the heroes who have a very large Burs Damage. In addition, this one Mage hero includes Mage heroes who can be difficult to catch.

Kagura is also a very difficult Mage hero to use. It takes a high skill to be able to master it.

Kagura has 2 types of skills namely yin and yang, which of course have different functions. Kagura is usually used as a Midlaner.

3. Esmeralda

Esmeralda is highly recommended for you guys. Especially in META now heroes with thick durability are very often used to become EXPlaners.

Esmeralda can be an option because of her special ability to absorb the opponent's shield or produce a shield with a combination of skill 1, skill 2, and her Basic Attack.

Because of her special ability, Esmeralda will be a scary hero for heroes like Harith and Poveous.

With its thick durability, Esmeralda is also good for initiating war. Because this hero has the resistance to defend against more than one hero.