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No Loss! 8 Best Paid Android Games That You Should Buy

Best Paid Android Games – There are so many choices of games that you can find on the Playstore from free to paid from the cheapest to the most expensive. Quality problems will certainly be proportional to what you spend.

And for those of you who want to try what the quality of paid Android games looks like, here Adora Games will provide recommendations for 8 games from the many paid games available on the Playstore. No need to worry because you will not feel at a loss, because this list of games is indeed worth buying.

Following 8 Best Paid Android Games That You Should Buy

Assassin’s Creed Identity

For those who know the Assassins Creed game from PC, you must also try this Assassins Creed game on your Android. Not much different from the series on PC, you will act as Assassins, which means assassins.

This game is an Action-RPG genre where you can customize your fighting equipment, improve your skills, complete missions, parkour jumping from building to building and much more. Not only that, Assassins Creed Identity offers the Open World genre, Interesting isn’t it? You can travel anywhere without feeling bored.

The gameplay and graphics provided will really match your expenses. Assassins Creed Identity has a price of Rp. 59,000 on Playstore.

Ravensword: Shadowland 3D RPG

We can see from the title that Ravensword: Shadowland 3D RPG provides the RPG genre. Not much different from Assassins Creed Identity, you can customize your equipment, complete missions and hunt wild animals.

Ravensword: Shadowland 3D RPG has a very wide map. You can go on an adventure accompanied by stunning graphics that are guaranteed to be fun. Ravensword: Shadowland 3D RPG you can play by removing a pocket of Rp. 94,000

Chaos Ring 3

This JRPG game offers anime-style graphics, the resulting voice makes a Japanese voice so it feels more like the feel of the anime. The anime character and the skills that are released are very cool. Defeating high-level bosses will be your challenge here.

Chaos Ring 3 is very expensive at Rp. 279,000, but you will never regret buying it.

Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories

Wow, who doesn’t know this game. The game that accompanied us first on PS 1 you can now play on your android, but with a different series, namely Harvest Moon: Seeds Of Memories.

A game that teaches us that everything needs hard work. We have to grow crops, take care of the farm, look for items in the mines and much more. By issuing Rp. 129.000 you can play Harvest Moon: Seeds Of Memories.

The Room Series

Those who like to rack their brains for a game, this game is suitable for you. A puzzle game where you will act as a person who will solve various mysteries of the puzzles that you will encounter.

Interesting where you will find puzzles at your every step. The Room in Playstore has 3 Series, namely The Room Rp. 14,000, The Room Two Rp. 28.000, The Room Three Rp. 55,000.


Action-Adventure genre where you will play as a sailor who leaves the island to find his father. Not only on land, you can play it at sea driving a small ship of yours.

You can try it for free first on the Playstore but to proceed to the next stage you are required to pay. Let’s explore the world of Oceanhorn by spending around Rp. 70,000

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour with the FPS genre is very exciting, it can be said that it is more exciting than the Online series. The gameplay and controls are very easy to use, and you don’t need to ask about the graphics, the graphics are really top.

Play now Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour on Playstore for Rp. 99,000


This survival game is very popular, where you are required to find resources to build anything from a cube that has texture. Show your creativity and make whatever comes to your mind.

Minecraft is available for Rp. 99,000 on Playstore.

That’s 8 Best Paid Android Games. Ready to try it? Don’t worry you will receive the right quality.