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15 Best Anime-themed RPG Android Games Must Have on Your Android

For you Anime lovers. This time I will give some recommendations for the list of the best anime-themed RPG Android games in my opinion.

From the graphics, the scenery offered will be nuanced and anime-style, enemies that smell like anime, and have main characters with anime characters.

Similar to anime on the television screen, this game has typical anime-style graphics, you will have cool hair, cute and chibi faces, and unique and good moves. You will find it here from games that are adapted from the anime itself or those that are not.

Iris M

This game, which has just been released for a while, has the MMORPG and Open World genres, which means you are free to go anywhere without being tied to a mission. Iris M provides 3 Classes that you can choose, namely: Warrior, Mage and Ranger. You play a funny character and eradicate your enemies, even though it’s still new this game is worth a try.

Iris M Trailer

Tales of The Rays

Tales of The Rays offers action-packed gameplay accompanied by cut scenes and voices from each character. You will be accompanied by a maximum of 4 partners that you can adjust when you want to go on a mission and you can use cool weapons, not only that the skills that are issued are also very cool.

Tales of The RaysTrailer

Final Fantasy Awakening

Here you can choose and customize your character starting from the face, hair and hair color. Uniquely, you can choose the hero you have here to help you complete the mission. Regarding the graphics for Final Fantasy Awakening, the graphics are 3D and very good.

Final Fantasy Awakening Trailer

Toram Online

I have previously reviewed the Toram Online game. This game does not have a job system but you will be creative using the existing skill tree. Interesting right?

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Seven Knights

Here you will complete missions using the heroes you already have. Getting and collecting heroes who have a high class will be a challenge in itself to complete several missions in this game.

Seven Knights Trailer

Honkai Impact 3

Honkai Impact 3 really has amazing anime-style graphics, these anime female characters will spoil you starting from their beautiful faces, movements and skill combinations. Anyway, it must be on your cellphone.

Honkai Impact 3 Trailer

Shojo City

A dating simulator game where you have to interact with cute anime girls with The goal is to win a girl’s love in 10 days. You can give him gifts, play games or invite him to a cafe. But you have to earn enough money to do it all. And when you talk to a girl, every dialogue option you choose will affect your future destiny.

Shoujo City Trailer

Eagle: Fantasy Golf

This one takes the theme of playing golf, but you won’t feel bored if the one who plays golf has cute anime characters. Every time you complete a golf game you will get coins and you will use these coins to buy costumes and create your own anime character.

Eagle Fantasy Golf Trailer

Fairy Tail Zelef Kakusei PPSSPP

Surely you already know this Fairy Tail anime, right? Now you can play Fairy Tail characters through games on your favorite android using the PPSSPP emulator. Like in the anime you can take the missions listed on the guild board and complete the main quest.

To play it you have to install the PPSSPP emulator and download the Fairy Tail game. Unfortunately this game is only available in Japanese.

Fairy Tail Zelef Kakusei Trailer

Bleach Realm

Judging from the trailer for the gameplay, this adaptation of the Bleach anime game may use a 3D solo action mode using the character card system you have.

This Bleach Realm game is still in progress and has not been released globally. Although there is no announcement for a release date, this game will be available in Asian countries, including Indonesia. We are waiting for further information.

Bleach Realm Trailer

Elsword M Shadow of Luna

I’m sure this game will attract a lot of attention among Indonesians. From the graphics, gameplay, characters, and skills, it’s very well packaged and cool for sure. Elsword M Shadow of Luna has been released in various countries in Asia. We just have to wait for its release in Indonesia.

Elsword M Shadow of Luna Trailer

Alchemy Story

Another game from Asobimo, really a very detailed game. You can make your anime character in detail up to weight, breast size you can make here. In addition, you will be accompanied by 1 female character that you can customize as well. And about the graphics will spoil you really. Not yet available in Indonesia, so just wait for further information.

Alchemia Story Trailer

Sword Art Online Integral Factor

The gameplay is not much different from the anime which is trapped in a virtual world and survive, get weapons, strengthen characters, to fight monsters and bosses. Just like Alchemia Story you will be accompanied by 1 character in the game. We’ll just have to wait for the release.

Sword Art Online Integral Factor Trailer

God Eater Online

Still in the Beta stage, you can play this game by looking for the apk file. Many have shared the apk file, please find it yourself if you want to try this game. I think the game is very good, cool characters combined with cool weapons. It’s really cool anyway.

God Eater Online Trailer

BTOOM Online

Already know this anime? BTOOM was adapted by Asobimo into a mobile video game. The gameplay is the same as in the anime, namely, using various kinds of bombs as the main weapon to paralyze the enemy.

Unfortunately this game is only available in Japan, if you want to download it please use a VPN with a Japanese address and enter the Japanese PlayStore.

BTOOM Online Trailer

So, those are the 15 Best Anime-themed RPG Android Games that you must have on your Android. What do you think? Ready for an anime-style adventure? Please comment on your experience playing games with anime themes. 😊