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Hero Preparations You Should Know Before Fighting in Mobile Legend

When we play with automatic routines we will become pros?

Indeed, the longer we play, the more experienced we become.

But you will think twice about it. The proof is that there are many new players in mobile legend whose abilities exceed those of you who have been playing mobile legend for a long time.

Even if you use the strongest mobile legend hero, there is no guarantee that you will be great at playing.

So what are your obstacles and make you lose to new mobile legend players?

Don’t worry about it, it’s better if you read my tips in preparing your mobile legend hero. If you have done the tips I gave, then there is no guarantee for you as I said above. Because it is a fact that more experienced people will be more powerful than new people.

But if you are like what I said above, I give advice to read these tips from me to the end. Preparing your hero first is a very early step for those of you who want to be good at playing.

Starting From Choosing a Hero

If you have a lot of battle points, just buy a hero.

Why are you picky? No, that’s not true, there are several things you should pay attention to before buying a hero, namely, choose a hero according to the role you want. I have discussed the role hero problem in the previous article, please come back to read it again.

Want to deal massive damage to your opponent and play it safe from a distance? Then choose role marksman or mage.

Here I suggest having at least one hero from each role because one day your team will need it. But for the first step, please choose what you are really interested in.

After determining the hero role, choose one of the many heroes on offer, and before buying it, don’t forget to read each of the skills it has and it is recommended that you watch live streaming of some players who are using the hero.

By looking at the player’s gameplay, you will have an idea, you will play like them. But it will not be 100% your gameplay will be the same because it will be determined in the next step.

Learn Hero Skills

You will definitely be happy after buying the latest and strongest hero so you want to play it immediately and think that you will finish off all the enemies in front of you.

But that’s wrong! There is no guarantee using a strong hero you will be superior. Lots of people think like that, and it’s wrong and don’t try to copy it.

The thing you have to pay attention to after buying a hero is to learn the skills that the hero has, including his passive skills. Try to read and remember every skill that your hero has.

This is very important because knowing the skills of the hero you are using, you can take the right action. And remember don’t just use a hero without knowing all the skills he has.

What does it mean to do the right thing?

Here I give an example, Hilda’s hero who has passive skills when in the bush then Hilda will get additional blood and give her a protector.

Imagine if you were using Hilda who was pressed for blood and didn’t know the passive skill, you would die in vain without using her passive skill.

Install and Learn Gear Hero

When playing the hero, we will get the default gear set that is given by the mobile legend.

But the gear set given sometimes doesn’t match the hero’s gameplay.

Therefore I suggest changing your hero gear, this is important because it will affect your gameplay.

If you are still confused about determining the gear, you can see some of the gear used by the top players who are next to it. And please if you want to change the gear according to your needs, but also adjust the gear items based on your hero role, don’t let your role be a mage but buy items to add physical attacks.

And take the time to read each item that you will use. There it is clearly written about the effects/stats along with the uniqueness of each item that will determine your gameplay.

Learn and use properly from each item that you will buy in the game.

Upgrade Emblems

So that you are more scary when playing, don’t forget to choose and upgrade your emblem.

Emblems will increase your stats. Read what stats will increase if you use them. And it matches the role of the hero that you will use. The higher the level of your emblem, the higher the level of your hero’s strength.

Never choose the wrong emblem according to your role, if you use a hero with a mage role then use a mage emblem, don’t try to use an emblem that doesn’t match the hero role. It’s not funny if a mage uses a physical emblem while the mage himself needs to add stats to magic power.

If you want to focus on 1 hero role, it’s a good idea to focus on increasing 1 emblem with a higher level than the others.

Train Gameplay Hero

Like when you’re just learning to ride a motorcycle, you won’t be able to learn to ride a motorcycle right away.

The fatal mistake that many mobile legend players make is not learning the hero and immediately bringing the hero to the Ranked and ending up losing just because 1 player does not master the hero he uses.

For you, don’t be in a hurry to bring heroes to Ranked. Start training your hero game starting from Custom / vs AI after that try it to Classic and if you think you have mastered your hero completely then you can bring the hero to the Ranked.

Remember never directly play the hero you just bought in Ranked.

Each hero has a different level of difficulty, the higher the level of difficulty you will take a long time to master the hero. Train your hero game diligently before bringing him to the Ranked.

That’s the first step that must be considered for those of you who want to be a pro playing each hero in mobile legend.

After you perform and practice the steps above and are ready to play in Ranked, you will not panic and be confused about what to do when you are pressed because you have mastered your hero properly.

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