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Tips to Become a Pro Mobile Legend in a Week

Tips to Become a Pro Mobile Legend in a Week – Did you ever think about not going up in rank even though you’ve tried hard?

Surprised by people who are so quick to raise their rank?

Septemberbe it’s your fault!

I say openly that there are many micin players in Mobile Legend that don’t match their tier, it makes other players annoyed when playing solo ranked.

What is your own opinion? Or maybe you are one of them?

Therefore, I will share a guide on how to play mobile legend correctly to increase wins in ranked play and hope to reduce the population of micin players.

And for those of you who think the same as me, don’t forget to share this guide so that there are no more unreasonable players.

There are several benefits that you will get after reading all these guides.

  1. Improve your skills in mastering heroes
  2. Knowing all the ins and outs in mobile legend
  3. Able to make the right decisions when dealing with the enemy

  4. Surely your win rate will increase

Before continuing here I will use some terms that we will continue to use in the next step. Please remember and this is very important.

Gear : Items that must be purchased, outside the game or in the lobby where it is in the prep menu. And in the game you can click money in the top right corner to buy moneybring up the gear menu.

Farm/farming: Activities to get exp and gold by killing monsters in the forest.

Early Game: The beginning of the game and the gear is not yet finished.
Late Game: The game is quite old and the level is high and the gear is ready.

Roam/Roaming: Switch lanes quickly.

Role-hero: The role of the hero, there are 6 roles, namely,

  1. Tank: Hero who has high durability or endurance, does not have high damage but who serves as a protector of other heroes
  2. Fighter: Hero with melee abilities, which is a melee side by side with tanks on the front line
  3. Mage: Relying on the skills you have and has great damage
  4. Assassin: As a deadly assassin, waiting for the right moment to attack because it has a thin resistance
  5. Marksman: Range or long-range type that is in the back line and injures the enemy with great damage
  6. Support: Supporting the team can be in the form of increasing the team’s blood, slowing down the enemy, etc

Some of the terms above will accompany us in this guide.

In this guide I will divide into 2 parts, namely

  • 1. Prepare the hero properly
  • 2. Strategy for playing in ranked
  • To get started, let’s read the first part, which is how to properly prepare a hero. There’s no need to rush, let’s understand from the beginning again who knows there is something you don’t know, and it’s better than leaving information that you don’t know even if it’s only one piece of information.