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The Strengths and Weaknesses of Hero Aldous in Mobile Legends

Strengths and Weaknesses of Hero Aldous in Mobile Legends – Hero Aldous in Mobile Legends is one of the heroes who are often banned in Rank fashion and moreover become a meta hero in 2022.

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Hero Aldous in Mobile Legends
The Strengths and Weaknesses of Hero Aldous in Mobile Legends

Just like other MOBA heroes, this Aldous hero in Mobile Legends has advantages and disadvantages that must be known, so that you know the ins and outs and how to overcome or defeat these stacked heroes. Here are the strengths and weaknesses of the Aldous hero in Mobile Legends:

Deadly Finisher

Skill 3 Aldous can recognize enemy HP. That way he can sort out the hero whose blood is dying as his target. With this skill, Aldous can be the best finisher for the team.

High Durability

For his position as a fighter, Aldous has enormous durability. With his second skill, he can be immune to all basic attacks and get a large damage reduction. This skill is of course very useful for close combat heroes or fighters when a 1 vs 1 fight occurs.

Very High Burst Damage

Aldous’ main skill is his first skill. This skill can provide stacks of up to 500 stacks and each stack will provide a bonus of 8 physical attacks. By only having 2 stacks, Aldous can kill the opponent’s hero with just a few basic attacks.

Super Heroes Late Game

Just like Natalia and Irithel, Aldous is an extraordinary late-game hero. He can destroy all enemy heroes with only spam skill 1 only. Moreover, we can use skill 1 to hit the turret with lightning. So you should finish the game as early as possible when dealing with Aldous.

Pretty Easy to Use

Aldous is a hero which for Mimin is quite easy to use because he does not have a complicated skill mechanism. But what makes a lot of mistakes for newcomers is using skill 3 and playing rough when the stack of skill 1 is not big enough.

Very Weak in Early Game

Aldous is very dependent on stack skill 1, so he is very weak in the early game. He must get the last hit minion as much as possible so that the damage from his first skill can be large. So Aldous is not very active in the early game.

Minimal CC Skills

The only CC that Aldous has is an explosion from skill 2 in the form of a stun effect. This effect is also fairly short, so the enemy is still quite easy to escape.

Very Weak against CC

Often newcomer players are even hit by a hiccup when using skill 3. Therefore, we must examine the situation first before using this skill.

Need Time

To get a large stack quickly, we must do a last hit on minions and creeps. Now the problem is that we don’t always get a team that we can work with (solo player special). They even do a last hit which will even limit us to get a stack quickly.

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