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This Row of Mandatory Items For Tank Junglers, Makes It Sick!

This Row of Mandatory Items For Tank Junglers, Makes It Sick!

To play the role of a tank jungler, of course, you can’t just choose the items you need.

The reason is, you are required to inflict damage as well as have durability that makes you able to finish off your opponent but is difficult to conquer.

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Therefore, here is a row of mandatory items that tank junglers must use in the Land of Dawn.

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Blade Armor

Mobile legends blade armor

With the rise of marksman users today, of course this item is a pretty good item because it provides defensive and attacking attributes equally well.

You yourself will get a reduced damage when using the item as well as passively will reverse the attack given as well as a slow effect towards the opponent.

Thunder Belt


Thunder Belt can certainly be the next item that you can use because after successfully removing the skill, the next basic attack you issue will give true damage.

This item will also provide another effect, namely slow which will make it difficult for opponents to move and of course help you in eliminating the enemy.

Cursed Helmet

Cursed Helmet

Besides being able to provide great defensive attributes, this item also produces painful magic damage to enemies in the area around you.

This item is certainly suitable for jungler tanks who often invade the opponent’s jungle area so that the opponent will certainly think twice about approaching.

Twilight Armor

Twilight Armor

This item can certainly help you overcome the true damage produced by the opponent’s hero, but Twilight Armor can also produce damage.

The reason is, the passive of this item will give you bonus magic damage that will make the tank hero you use even more deadly.

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