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Besides Franco, this is the most effective kidnapping hero in Mobile Legends

The type of hero who can kidnap opponents is a prima donna for some Mobile Legends players because their abilities are very helpful.

The most terrible example of a kidnapped hero in Mobile Legends and a player’s favorite is Franco, this hero can easily kidnap an opponent with his 1st skill.

But it’s not only Franco who finds the Best Solution Against Cecilion Late Game in Mobile Legends who has the most effective kidnapping ability, but there’s another hero who is really the best at kidnapping the opponent’s hero, who is he?

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Yin – The Hero By1

Hero Jungler mobile legends
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The hero is Yin, a hero with a unique ability that can make opponents teleport to Yin’s world and there the opponent will be invited by1 with Yin.

His ability makes Yin worthy of being dubbed the best kidnapping hero in Mobile Legends because it is truly terrifying and effective.

Just imagine when you fight with your opponent to secure the lord or turtle and then Yin comes to kidnap the opponent’s jungler and is teleported to his arena, your team will most likely get the lord or turtle because the opposing jungler can’t interfere.

Besides that, it is very different from Franco, Yin besides being able to kidnap opponents effectively, he can also kill the kidnapped opponent easily.

Yin mobile legends

He has enormous damage, stun effects and high attack speed which makes it difficult for opponents to face him in the Yin arena.

That’s the best kidnapped hero in Mobile Legends besides Franco, do you want to add anything?

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