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The Strongest weapon in Sausage Man

The sickest weapon in Sausage Man – Sausage Man is an online game with the Battle Royale genre, which has a lot of users, especially the Indonesian people. Accuracy in shooting opponents with precision is needed when playing Sausage Man.

The game made by the studio XD Entertainment became popular after it was released on the Google Playstore. Just like the Battle Royale game in general, it has many weapons and very unique skins.

Well, in order to achieve No. 1 Of All Kings Party there are a few things that players need to do. One of them is choosing the sickest weapon in Sausage Man to easily kill all opponents to get victory.

Players can find these weapons by looting or from supply drops. So the players must be smart in choosing weapons when playing Sausage Man. Here, Ulingame has prepared some recommendations for the sickest weapons that you can use below.

The sickest weapon in Sausage Man

Each type of weapon in Sauasge Man has different recoil, fire rate, and damage. Most of LIST OF SAUSAGE MAN WEAPONS players can only get sick through a supply drop. It’s only natural that the rarer the general, the better. However, there are also weapons that are easy to find with very lethal stats in long-range and close-range combat as follows.

Melee Painful Weapon

Weapons for close range that you can use should be light, agile and have a large magazine size because it is likely that players will face more than one opponent together at close range. Here are some of the sickest melee weapons in the Ulingame version below.


Ump9 1 Painful Weapon In Sausage Man

Lately many pro players use UMP9 weapons when fighting, this UMP9 weapon has low recoil so it is very easy to control. The precision of this UMP9 weapon is lethal without flying bullets.

The UMP9 is very stable and becomes a pain weapon when dueling fires at close range. In addition, to get UMP9 is very easy. When you get off the propeller, you will definitely see the UMP on the building on the Sausage Man map.


Groza 3 Painful Weapon In Sausage Man

Groza is the deadliest 7.63mm bullet weapon in Sausage Man’s AR class and has the firepower of sadistic attacks during close combat. Even though Groza has a pretty messy recoil, it can compensate with big damage at close range.

To get the Groza rifle, players must wait from the supply drop that is lowered by aircraft such as AWM and MK14 weapons.


M416 2 Painful Weapon In Sausage Man

The M416 is a type of weapon that uses 5.56mm ammunition. This weapon is a favorite of Sausage Man players when PUSH RANK because it has a fairly balanced recoil compared to other AR weapons and the attack is quite strong.

This weapon becomes a million people have the most painful and deadly damage. By adding ATTACHMENT M416 will make it easier for weapons to target close or medium range opponents.


Aug 4

Sasuage Man’s next sickest weapon is AUG, but to get AUG players must loot from supply drops. Many Sausage Man players, both beginners and pros, like the AUG because it’s easy to use and a stable shot because the recoil is quite low.

Assault Rifle Aug weapons have high accuracy and the most damage. With 1-5 shots, the player can kill the opponent.


Scar L 2 Painful Weapon In Sausage Man

The Scar-L weapon is one of the sickest weapons in Sasuage Man. This Scar-L weapon can be used fully automatic with Red Dot scopes up to X6. With a bullet speed that can be produced which is around 5.56mm to 7.62mm.


Akm 2 Painful Weapon In Sausage Man

This weapon, known as the AK-47, is included in the range of melee weapons. Assault Rifle class weapons have great firepower. The AKM uses 7.62mm ammunition, making the AKM weapon the deadliest gun at close range. AKM can also be found easily in spot areas of buildings or houses.

Energy Accelerator Machine Gun

Energy Accelerator Machine Gun

The Energy Machine Gun is the newest Energy Accelerator Machine Gun weapon in Sausage Man, which has its own uniqueness with Energy 60 ammunition and is added with no scope like Red Dot. So the Energy Accelerator Machine Gun is called the sickest weapon at close to medium range.

Long Range Sick Weapon

Weapons are the most important factor for players to know before playing Sausage Man. For medium to long-range weapons, players need weapons that have the most damage, can paralyze opponents with only 1 to 3 shots because on Rainbow Island, especially in hilly areas, the enemy is easy to disappear.

If your shots don’t immediately paralyze your opponent, you can be sure they will lie down and disappear easily. This situation will actually make your position vulnerable to being terrorized by your opponent. Therefore, Ulingame will share a ranged weapon recommendation for the Rainbow Island map below.


Awm 3 Painful Weapons In Sausage Man

Like AUG, Groza, MK14, you can only get AWM weapons when you find a supply drop and only use Magnum ammunition. AWM is a Sausage Man Sniper Rifle type weapon that is very accurate with its headshot power capable of penetrating a level 3 helmet with one bullet.


Mini14 Painful Weapon In Sausage Man

Mini14 is a Marksman Rilfe type weapon that is good for use against medium to long range enemies by adding attachment scopes X3 to X15. By using 5.56mm ammunition and can accommodate 30 bullets in one clip, the Mini14 has a fairly large magazine capacity.



SLR is the sickest weapon in Sausage Man, Marksman Rifle type with high DPS and Fire Rate (more than SKS). This SLR uses 7.62mm ammunition which is quite lethal when used at medium ranges.

But the recoil that the SLR has is high enough to be difficult to control, make sure players have to practice first using SLR weapons in Sausage Man in Training mode.


Dp 28 2 Painful Weapon In Sausage Man

The DP-28 is very effective for medium and long distance use. The DP-28 is better used by tapping several bullets when shooting opponents. Try not to spray directly, because, if you spray, the bullets that will be released will be messy and difficult to kill your opponent.

With considerable damage it has but the DP-28 has a drawback, namely that reloading is quite time consuming.


M24 2

The M24 is the sickest Sniper Rifle type weapon in Sausage Man, after the AWM weapon. M24 is the choice of many Sausage Man players because of the damage it has. M24 tends to be hard to get, but easier to get than AWM. Players can kill opponents easily if they don’t use a helmet in one bullet if they hit a headshot.


Kar98 1 Painful Weapon In Sausage Man

This Kar98 Sniper Rifle weapon does not have high enough damage compared to other snipers. However, Kar98 is very easy to find.

With 7.62mm bullets, the damage can penetrate an opponent who uses a level 2 helmet, if you manage to hit the head.

The final word

That’s a review of the 14 sickest weapons in Sausage Man for long and near the Ulingame version. Hope it can help you to get No. 1 Of All Party Kings easily use the weapon recommendations above. Don’t forget to add an attachment or scope to make it easier for you to target your opponent on target.