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Best SCAR-L Sausage Man Attachment 2022 : Pros & Cons

Attachment SCAR-L Sausage Man – The Sausage Man game is played by a cute and adorable animated sausage man character. But in contrast to its funny character, this game goes into the type of Battle Royale games such as PUBG, Free Fire, and others that are identical to fighting. No wonder the game Sausage Man has many fans like other Battle Royale games.

Like other Battle Royale games, Sausage Man also uses a rifle that is also equipped with attachments, equipment, and so on. The types are also the same as other games.

The SCAR-L type weapon is also often used by players to play the Sausage Man game. To win the battle, of course, you have to be good at matching attachments with the rifle you are using.

For those of you who want to know which attachments are suitable for SCAR-L rifles in Sausage Man, this article will provide recommendations for the best SCAR-L Sausage Man attachments and their functions.

SCAR-L . at a glance

Scar L 1

SCAR-L weapons including powerful options, never disappoint the wearer. SCAR-L is a variant of the SCAR rifle theme in the Sausage Man game. The SCAR-L uses larger ammunition, for example the 7.62mm AKM. While the SCAR-L ammunition is slightly smaller 5.56mm like the M416 weapon.

However, you should also know that the size of the bullet does not describe the horror of a rifle. There are several other supporting factors such as attachment, firing rate, recoil and others.

Therefore, players must fully understand SCAR-L, here is the general statistical information for SCAR-L below.

Power / Damage42
Recoil Rate35
Firing Rate75
Ammunition Type5.56mm
Weapon CategoryAssault Rifle

Attachment SCAR-L Sausage Man

SCAR-L is one of the BEST WEAPONS Assault Rifle in Ulingame’s Sausage Man. With this SCAR-L weapon, players can kill opponents with just a few bullets.

In SCAR-L there are 3 attachment slots and 1 scope slot that you can fill to equip weapons before fighting. In the following, Ulingame will share the best attachments that you can use to maximize the performance of SCAR-L as follows.

Rifle Flash Suppressor

Rifle Flash Suppressor Attachment SCAR-L Sausage Man

This Muzzle Rifle Flash Suppressor can be installed on three types of weapons, namely Sniper Rifle and Assault Rifle. The point of this Rifle Flash Suppressor is to reduce flash or flashes of light when shooting.

The use of the Rifle Flash Suppressor muzzle in Sausage Man is very useful for making it difficult for the enemy to find the source of the shot. Usually the enemy will detect the direction of the shot from the sound and sparks that have been released from SCAR-L when the player shoots.

Laser Sight

Laser Sight Attachment SCAR-L Sausage Man

Laser Sight is a grip that serves to reduce the recoil effect when you do hipfire or shoot without using a shot. This grip is mounted on the bottom of the weapon and can also be mounted on Pistol and SMG weapons.

AR Fast Extended Magazine

AR Fast Extended Magazine

Next is the AR Fast Extended Magazine whose function is to provide additional bullets to weapons and a 30% reduction in reload time. This makes AR Fast Extended Magazine one of the most popular magazines.


Scope 2 Attachment SCAR-L Sausage Man

Finally, the player must apply the attachment scope to the SCAR-L rifle. With this item the player can aim at the enemy right on target. In addition, the scope can also maximize the process of close or far combat. Ulingame recommends that Sausage Man players use Red Dot, X3 and X4 scopes.

Advantages of SCAR-L

  1. Flexible.
  2. Easy to find.
  3. Has considerable damage at close range.

This SCAR-L is one of the flexible weapons in Sauasge Man. This SCAR-L weapon is quite easy to find and is still strong in the early game even though it has not completed the attachment. With the appropriate attachments, the SCAR-L can be used over long, medium and long distances.

Disadvantages of SCAR-L

  1. Low Range.
  2. Rate of Fire is still below M416.
  3. Annoying iron sight.

Although it can be used during combat, the SCAR-L has a lower basic range when compared to other AR weapons such as the AKM and M416. Not only that, the rate of fire of SCAR-L is also still below the M416 weapon.

Another disadvantage of the SCAR-L weapon is also found in the iron sight which is considered disturbing when aiming at the opponent with focus and shooting accurately, but this is different from the SCAR-L, which makes it difficult for players to pay attention to the surrounding area because it is blocked by iron when aiming at the opponent.

The final word

Those are some of the best SCAR-L Sausage Man attachments that Ulingame has summarized for you to try in order to maximize the performance of SCAR-L weapons when playing Classic mode. Hopefully, with the information above regarding attachments, it will be easier to use SCAR-L.