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Leaked Free Skin Event Transformers Part 2, For This Hero!

Leaked Free Skin Event Transformers Part 2, For This Hero!

The news of the Transformers Part 2 event being presented is getting louder with the circulation of the leaked Transformers Part 2 gacha skin event.

The gacha event presented is different from part 1 where this event will be similar to MLBB x Sanrio Characters where the event is bingo.

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However, the advantage of this event is that there are free skins for the first draw such as the Sanrio and KOF events.

Where in the KOF event in the first 10 draws you are certain to get Karina, while at the Sanrio event you get Floryn.

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So, the next question is who is the free skin for the MLBB x Transformers Part 2 event? This is the leak.

Free Skins Event Transformers Part 2

Transformers Part 2 Free Skins
source: YT Eidura Channel

You can see for yourself that currently on the advanced server there is an MLBB x Transformers Part 2 event where the reward for the first 10 draws is Aldous Collector.

Of course you really want this to happen on the original server later. But believe me that later that skin (Aldous Collector) will be replaced by a better skin, namely Aldous Transformers (most likely).

Although there is no certainty of course this could be a leak that it is true that there will be free skins in the Transformers part 2 event, such as Karina KOF and Floryn Sanrio.

Seeing the three heroes who are rumored to be in this collaboration, namely Roger, Popol & Kupa and Aldous. Most likely it is Aldous who will be given for free. Apart from that this hero is not meta and less desirable like the other two heroes.

However, this is still an estimate and a leak later, it could change if it was not Aldous who was given for free through the first 10 draws at the event.

If you were asked to choose who would you like to be free in the first 10 draws? Write in the comments column yes.

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