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Get the Opportunity to Claim the Free FF May 2022 Bundle Incubator Here!

Get the Opportunity to Claim the Free FF May 2022 Bundle Incubator at this Event!

The presence of a new Incubator Free Fire (FF) bundle has been confirmed and will be available starting tomorrow, 10 May 2022 on the Luck Royale newest Incubator tab.

The presence of the new Incubator bundle titled Burning Myths will certainly make players who like to collect cool items on Free Fire definitely hunt for them starting tomorrow.

To get the skin, players must first have two important items so that they can be exchanged for one of the Incubator series bundles.

So, if you are interested, you can get a chance to claim the Incubator FF May 2022 bundle for free in the following way!

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Bundle Incubator FF May 2022

Evolution Stone and Blueprint are required for every Incubator skin. For the Burning Myths Incubator itself, you need to collect the following two items:

  • Phoenix Zeal’s bundle requires a total of 8 Evolution Stones and 4 Blueprints: Burning Myths.
  • The Phoenix Zest Bundle requires a total of 6 Evolution Stones and 3 Blueprints: Burning Myths.
  • The Phoenix Zing Bundle requires a total of 4 Evolution Stones and 2 Blueprints: Burning Myths.
  • The Phoenix Zap Bundle requires a total of 2 Evolution Stones and 1 Blueprint: Burning Myths.

You can get Evolution Stone and Blueprint items at once for free in the diamond top up bonus event starting tomorrow, May 10, 2022.

By topping up a diamond of 100 diamonds you can get a Burning Myths Blueprint, while if you top up 140 diamonds on that day, you can get one Evolution Stone and a Blueprint: Burning Myths each.

  • Here are the steps you can follow to get the prize:
  • Select the Diamond logo at the top of the Free Fire main menu screen
  • Open Top-up chart
  • Top up a minimum of 140 Diamonds
  • Confirm payment
  • Visit Event>Top Up Bonus
  • Press Fetch
  • Get Evolution Stone or Blueprint in Vault Tab

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That’s the way to get important items in the latest Free Fire (FF) top up bonus event! Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube we.