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Beginner Tanker Mistakes in Mobile Legends

You guys just learning to play tanks? So you should know that here are some mistakes for beginner tankers in Mobile Legends that you must avoid.

Learning to play other roles in Mobile Legends is fun in itself, so that we as players know the weaknesses and strengths of each role in Mobile Legends.

Regarding this, this time we will discuss a little about the role tank or currently commonly referred to as a roamer.

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SPIN Esports will discuss some mistakes that are often made by novice tankers in Mobile Legends, what are they?

None During Team Fight


Most importantly and you must understand when playing this tanker role, where you must always be there when your team wants a team fight or when the enemy wants to open war first.

Never separate or search alone from your team because it is very dangerous.

Even Focus Clear Lane

3 tank mobile legends season 18 mistakes that are still often done even though the meta has changed
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Just let your colleagues clean the lane from the minions, your focus is to create a moment that can destroy the enemy in one attack.

Don’t let when you are needed, you are even busy clear lane. Because the presence of tankers in war is very important.

No Communication

Hero counter Franco
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Finally, there is no communication when you want to open a war, use the chat feature on MLBB when you want to open a war or withdraw from a war.

Because it’s very useful for you to do, you don’t want to die in vain because your colleagues are not backing up.

Those are some of the mistakes of beginners who play the role of tanker in Mobile Legends.

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