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So More Cool, This Is How The Latest Leomord Revamp Skin Looks!

So More Cool, This Is How The Latest Leomord Revamp Skin Looks!

Besides Faramis and Vexana, there will be Leomord who will also get a revamp for his skin. Different from the previous appearance, which impressed horror in his new appearance, Leomord will be even cooler.

Leomord himself was a very meta hero when his time came but as there were many new Fighter heroes who were stronger and more flexible, this hero was marginalized.

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Hopefully the existing revamp can boost its performance a bit. Instead of being curious, let’s just see together the appearance of the latest Leomord skin revamp.

Revamp Skin Leomord

Seen a striking change from his hair which is now no longer red. His costume was also changed to be more fierce and like a knight in RPG games.

Although many say that Leomord now doesn’t have the characteristics it used to be, which is still depicted as undead, it must now be admitted that it looks cooler.

Of course later Leomord will certainly get a change in his skills because he and Vexana and Faramis will soon get a revamp (reportedly in June 2022). Faramis and Vexana have shown the latest game play, we’ll just have to wait and see how Leomord’s skill changes. Will there be a change in effect or something else.

How do Leomord users see the latest appearance of the Leomord revamp skin? Do you think it’s getting cooler? Can’t wait for this hero to finish revamping.

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