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9 Ways to Set the Best PUBG Mobile X6 Scope for All Weapons

How to Set the Best PUBG Mobile X6 Scope – PUBG stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a game that is currently popular in the battle royal genre. As well as being one of the best games with more than 1 billion players worldwide.

In the PUBG Mobile game, there will be 100 players who will fight where the goal is to get victory. Players can choose to play classic solo mode, classic duo and classic squad, 1 squad contains 4 (four players).

PUBG Mobile has presented battle action and strategy that is definitely extraordinary. However, there are many areas in the map that provide long-range combat. Well, this time Ulingame will discuss how to set the right weapon to use the X6 scope in the best PUBG Mobile.

Actually, the PUBG Mobile game has provided many scopes, ranging from scope X2, scope X3, scope X4, scope X6 and scope X8. However, more players are more comfortable using the X6 scope for long distances.

Here’s how to set the best X6 PUBG Mobile scope and a list of weapons that are suitable for using the X6 scope in PUBG Mobile. Check out the article below.

How to Set the Best PUBG Mobile X6 Scope

Scope X 6

Scope X6 is very suitable for medium and long range battles, but is not recommended for close combat because this scope will reduce your aim speed by 20%. Even so, the X6 scope has the advantage of the X4 scope, which is that it can be used in almost all weapons.

Scope X6 PUBG Mobile can be said to be one of the determining factors for victory during long-distance battles. Where other factors are also in the section PUBG MOBILE SENSITIVITY SETTINGS and SETTING THE SCOPE SO IT DOESN’T SHAKE.

In the following, Ulingame will explain how to set the best X6 scope sensitivity.

How to Setting Scope X6 Best Camera (In Scope)

Camera How to Setting the Best Scope X6 Pubg Mobile

The camera setting (in scope) is one of the settings that triggers the sensitivity of the scope. This setting will only work when you are using a scope. When using settings, you can make it easier to find enemies and react faster when using the X6 scope. Here are the best X6 scope settings (in scope).

How to Setting Scope X6 Best ADS


ADS sensitivity is the most important sensitivity setting when playing PUBG Mobile games, the function of ADS sensitivity is to hold Recoil when shooting spray guns (auto mode). The following is the sensitivity of the ADS scope X6.

How to Setting Scope X6 Best Gyroscope

Gyroscope How to Set the Best Scope X6 Pubg Mobile

The gyroscope is a sensor found on the cellphone, the function of the gyroscope is to adjust the cellphone and turn it into movement in the game. If you change the gyroscope settings, you can change the direction of the shot and hold the recoil through the motion sensor of the cellphone.

However, not all mobile phones feature a gyroscope sensor. Here are the best gyroscope sensitivity.

How to Setting Scope X6 on All PUBG Mobile Weapons

The most effective scope in the PUBG Mobile game is the X6 scope. The scope can enlarge the viewing distance 6 times greater than the view. If the target is too close, you can lower the visibility to the scope of X3, the same as with the scope of X8. Scope X6 can also be used with various weapons, ranging from Assault Rifle, Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR), Submachine Gun (SMG) and Sniper.

The following is a list of weapons that can be used with the X6 scope along with weapon component items.

1. How to Setting X6 M416

M416 How to Setting the Best Scope X6 Pubg Mobile

The M416 is very good for use in long-range or close-range combat. Here are the recommendations for the best M416 weapon components, the Ulingame version.

  1. Compensator
  2. Vertical
  3. Large Instant Magazine (AR)
  4. Tactical Stock (Rifles, SMG)

2. How to Setting X6 M16A4


The M16A4 is an Assault Rifle (AR) type weapon which is known as a fairly flexible weapon in the PUBG Mobile game. The following is a recommendation for the best M16A4 weapon combination version of Ulingame.

  1. Fire Suppression (AR)
  2. Large Instant Magazine (AR)
  3. Tactical Stock (Rifle, SMG)

3. How to Setting X6 credits


SKS is also an excellent weapon for PUBG Mobile players to use, because its flexibility can be combined with various attachments which will certainly make it easier to kill enemies.

  1. Fire Suppression
  2. Cheek Pad (Cheek Pad)
  3. Large Instant Magazine (Sniper)
  4. Angled Foregrip

4. How to Setup X6 Mini-14

Mini 14 Ways to Setting the Best Scope X6 Pubg Mobile

Mini-14 is a mainstay DMR weapon for long and medium ranges with fast fire intensity. The following attachments can make Mini-14 weapons very sick.

  1. Compensator (Sniper)
  2. Large Instant Magazine (Sniper)

5. How to Setting X6 DP-28

Dp 28

The DP-28 is a very versatile weapon that can have very little recoil and is very good when combined with the X6 scope with a bullet speed of up to 715 meters / second this makes it very supportive during long range combat even though the DP-28 is not equipped.

6. How to Setup X6 Kar98k

Kar98kcara Setting Scope X6 Pubg Mobile Best

The Kar98k is a bolt-action sniper weapon using 7.62mm ammunition (brown bullets). The following attachments are suitable for the Kar98k Sniper weapon.

  1. Compensator
  2. Bullet Loops (Shotguns, Sniper Rifles)

7. How to Setting X6 AWM


AWM is the best weapon and is one of the most dangerous and deadly snipers because with 1 bullet it can instantly kill an opponent, if it hits the head or any part of the body. To be able to kill your opponent with 1 bullet, of course you need components that must be filled. The following is the Ulingame version of the weapon attachment.

  1. Compensator
  2. Large Instant Magazine (Sniper)
  3. Cheek Pad (Cheek Pad)


What does attachment mean?

Attachments are equipment items or components that are useful for improving quality when shooting.

What is ADS and what is it used for?

ADS is Aim Down Sight which means Aim down and its function is to hold recoil when shooting.

is Attachments M416 easy to find?

Yes. You can find all the attachments needed in every PUBG Mobile MAP.


That’s a full review of how to set the scope for the Best X6 PUBG Mobile version of that you can use. Setting the sensitivity of the X6 scope according to your comfort when playing PUBG Mobile games. Hopefully it can be useful and make sure you follow Ulingame to get updated information on other online games.