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16 Ways to Download Sakura School Simulator 2022 : Android, PC & MOD

How to Download Sakura School Simulator – Sakura School Simulator is a game where players will become ordinary students at the Sakura Town High School in a small town. Surely the players will have fun with this game, because this Sakura School Simulator game has a very unique gameplay and very entertaining cuteness.

Sakura School Simulator is one of the games that is currently booming and also has simple controls. For example in the game the player can move the character with the right thumb, hit, jump, zoom in, jetpack, talk and the function for the left thumb is to move the analog or move the character in each scenario.

You can enjoy playing Sakura School Simulator in two ways, namely making friends and lovers as you like and being able to enjoy school life which is definitely fun and for novice players who still don’t understand School Simulator, now Ulingame has previously summarized the article HOW TO PLAY SAKURA SCHOOL SIMULATOR which you can sample while playing.

The Sakura School Simulator game with the latest version of 2022 is available and the Sakura School Simulator Game has a very attractive graphic quality. Of course, players must adjust to the device in order to play it smoothly. For more details on how to download Sakura School Simulator, see the review below.

How to Download Sakura School Simulator Android

Way 1 1

Making the Sakura School Simulator game an option to fill your spare time seems to be quite an interesting thing, especially with the gameplay you will be faced with various missions in Sakura School Simulator. Here’s how to download Sakura School below.

  1. Open the Playstore app
    Sakura School Simulator 1
  2. Click the Browse apps menu at the top, then type Sakura School Simulator
    Master Sakura School
  3. Click Install (Download)
    Click Install How to Download Sakura School Simulator 3
  4. After downloading, you can play the Sakura School game
    Open Game Sakura School Simulator 2

Android Specifications

So that when playing the Sakura School Simulator game smoothly without lag, the smartphone you are using must support the Sakura School Simulator game, the following are the Android specification requirements.

  1. Have a bigger memory
  2. Minimum RAM 3GB
  3. Snapdragon 820
  4. Android 6.0 (higher version)

Those are some of the conditions so that you can play smoothly without any lag when playing Sakura School Simulator, if the device you are using is still below the criteria, Sakura School can still be played. However, later android becomes slow and lags, because Sakura School takes up quite a lot of memory.

How To Download Sakura School Simulator On PC


For those of you who want to play the latest version of Sakura School Simulator 2022 on PC, you can download Sakura School Simulator using NoxPlayer as an emulator. You can follow the method below to download Sakura School using the PC below.

  1. Download LDPlayer on PC ( Personal Computer)
      Sakura School Simulator Pc 1
  2. Run the Apk package until it’s finished making it
    sakura School Simulator On Pc 2
  3. Search for Sakura School Simulator game on LD Player in search
    How to Download 33
  4. Find Sakura School Simulator game on LD Player
      Sakura School Simulator 4
  5. Then download
    How to Download 55
  6. Enter the game by clicking on the Sakura School Simulator icon
    Sakura School 6
  7. Done, you can play Sakura School Simulator on PC
    sakura school simulator 7

How to Download MOD APK Sakura School Simulator

  1. Open the website Uptodown to download the game SAKURA School (guaranteed 100% safe).
  2. After successfully downloading, install the SAKURA Simulator game version 1.037 08 on your cellphone or Android.
  3. If it’s finished installing, then open the application and you can play it.

That’s how to download the SAKURA School Mod Apk game on Android version 1.037 08. In this version there are many improvements such as many bug fixes, additional hair color items, clothes, accessories and much more.

That’s the review that can give about how to download Sakura School Simulator on Android, PC and MOD APK. Hopefully it can be useful and don’t forget to visit other articles starting from about HOW TO MABAR SAKURA SCHOOL which Ulingame has previously summarized.