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8 Respawn Point Blank Bomb Mission Spawn Not Random 2022

Respawn Point Blank – Point Blank is an FPS genre computer game about the feud between Free Rebels and Counter Terrorist Force (CT-Force) which can be played online. The Point Blank game has been developed by Zeppeto from South Korea and published by Zeppeto.

On May 23, 2022 for the mission bomb game at Point Blank, a new rule update will be applied based on the spawn sequence of the slots in the room.

This will make it easier for you to apply a placement strategy so that it is faster to adjust the position of Free Rebels or Counter Terrorist Force (CT-Force) and not random or random anymore.

The update will be applied to Point Blank Tournaments, namely PBNC, PBLC, PBWC, PBWIC, and PBIC. Now the rules have been formalized, it is hoped that all players can adapt to the latest respawn system changes in Point Blank.

This time Ulingame will provide the Slot and Spawn List below on the Bomb Mission Map that has been implemented in the Point Blank Tournament.

Respawn Point Blank

Troopers must adapt and memorize your respawn position when playing bomb missions so that they can take positions more quickly or attack enemy defenses. Currently in all official tournaments you can choose slots from (1-8). It is hoped that troopers can adapt quickly to changes in the current system. Choose your slot before it starts (1-8) and maximize the strategy in the game.

1. Downtown Map

Respawn Tero Site

Downtown Tero Respawn Point Blank

Respawn CT Site

Downtown Ct 1 Respawn Point Blank
Downtown Ct 2

2. Luxville Map

Respawn Tero Site

Luxville Tero Respawn Point Blank

Respawn CT Site

Luxville CT

3. Map Stromtube

Respawn Tero Site

Stromtube Tero

Respawn CT Site

Stormtube CT

4. Map Sandstrom

Respawn Tero Site

Sandstrom Tero

Respawn CT Site

Sandstrom Ct Respawn Point Blank

5. Midtown Map

RespawnTero Site

Midtown Tero Respawn Point Blank

RespawnCT Site

Midtown Ct

6. Safehouse Map

Respawn Tero Site

Safehouse Tero 1

Respawn CT Site

Safehouse Ct Respawn Point Blank

7. Map Blowcity

Respawn Tero Site

Blowcity Tero Respawn Point Blank

Respawn CT Site

Blowcity CT

8. Map Provence

Respawn Tero Site

Provence Tero

Respawn CT Site

Provence Ct Respawn Point Blank

Free Rebels

More and more immigrants who do not find work and are expelled from society, making it more difficult for immigrants to survive then they think of committing various crimes from robbery to drug trafficking and illegal drugs. The actions of the criminal Free Rebels developed into an organized movement until an organization called the Free Rebels was formed. The goal is none other than to control the entire drug trade, illegal drugs and weapons around the world and create fear for the community.


Due to conflicts with immigrants that are increasingly spreading everywhere, the government decided to form a special organization to deal with or eradicate terrorists. Since the organization was formed by the government, they began to look for information and the whereabouts of a terrorist organization known as the Free Rebels drug dealers. One goal with the increasing terrorist threat, the government then sent reinforcements of the best troops ever in the government to help who later came to join and changed its name to CT-Force (Counter Terrorist Force)

Benefits of Respawn Updates

  • Free Rebels or Tero can choose the slot number according to the strategy in which direction you will rush the defense from the CT Site.
  • Counter Terrorist Force (CT-Force) can also choose the best slot number for defending so that it responds quickly when it is rushed.
  • Very useful in Point Blank Tournaments

The final word

That’s the information about Point Blank respawn which is very important in the game, has given above to make it easier to Spawn the slot sequence in the room and can set strategies more easily and quickly to attack when you become Free Rebels and defend when you become a CT-Force you can try while practicing. May be useful.