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7 Best 2 Finger PUBG Layout & Sensitivity Codes 2022

PUBG 2 Finger Layout Code – Many PUBG Mobile players are looking for the best settings for push rank in order to increase the tier or rank in PUBG. However, the Layout settings that you use are disturbing the players while playing. No need to worry, because on this occasion Ulingame will share some of the best 2 finger PUBG Layout codes in 2001.

In order to become a PUBG pro player, you need a maximum sensitivity and layout setting so that when playing PUBG you can feel satisfaction when you get a PUBG victory or Chicken Dinner.

Before you start playing PUBG Mobile, it would be nice for players to know what Layout or button layout in PUBG is. The layout in PUBG is one of the most important systems that players will use to move the character, point of view, shoot, prone, jump, aim and crouch.

For players who find it difficult to play PUBG with 3 finger, 4 finger or 5 finger PUBG Layout, players can try some 2 finger Layout codes that Ulingame will share. Of course, using this 2 finger layout will make it easier for you when doing battle.

Especially for novice players are required to play using 2 fingers so as not to have difficulty when doing battle. Players only need to play a few matches to get used to the 2-finger Layout. On this excellent occasion, just take a look at some of the best 2 finger Layout codes that you can use below.

PUBG 2 Finger Layout Code

Pubg 2 Jarii Layout Code

For players who are still learning or like to play PUBG Mobile using 2 fingers, this time Ulingame will recommend the following 2 finger PUBG layout and sensitivity codes.

2 Finger Layout CodeSensitivity Layout Code

Advantages of Playing 2 Fingers

After getting several lists of recommended 2 finger Layout codes in PUBG, of course there are a number of advantages that players can get when playing 2 fingers. The advantages of this setting include the following.

  1. Simple and comfortable to use when held in hand.
  2. It’s easier to see the opponent.
  3. There are no fingers blocking the phone screen.
  4. Suitable for beginner players.

Disadvantages of Playing 2 Fingers

Although the 2-finger Layout setting has advantages, it doesn’t mean that the PUBG 2-finger Layout has no drawbacks. For consideration, Ulingame will provide some of the shortcomings of the 2-finger Layout.

  1. Shooting while crouching incline takes quite a lot of time.
  2. Longer or delay per second when pressing the button.
  3. Not agile.
  4. Hassle when facing 2 or 3 or even 4 enemy battles.

How to Use PUBG Layout Code

Before using the PUBG Layout code, it would be nice for players to first update the latest version of PUBG, so they can copy other PUBG Layouts. After updating, you can input the Layout code and follow the steps to use it.

  1. Please open and run the PUBG Mobile game, after that select the arrow at the bottom right corner of the screen.
    Select Arrow 1
  2. Then select Arrangement after that click Control.
    Select Settings Control 1
  3. Select one of the types of Layouts that you usually use, then press the button Customize.
  4. Click the settings logo or Layout 1.
  5. Then select a layout that you want to change, then press the button Search Method.
    Select Method of Searching PUBG 2 Finger Layout Code
  6. Enter one of the Layout codes that you got above, then Save.
    Enter Layout Ut Code

The final word

Those are some discussions from Ulingame on this good occasion regarding the list of the best 2 finger PUBG Layout codes that PUBG players can use and tutorials on using Layout codes in PUBG. With the information above, hopefully it can be useful and help those who are confused about finding 2 finger control settings.