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7 Ways to Get the Love Potion Sakura School Simulator 2022

How to Get Sakura School Simulator’s Love Potion – Love potion Sakura School Simulator is an object that can make players love other characters that you love.

You must have love potions when you want to find a partner to marry in Sakura School Simulator. In addition, you can use the Sakura School Simulaotr love potion for EARNING MONEY 6,000 Yen when you give love potions to teachers at school.

In the game Sakura School Simulator there are several secret places that store love potion items. The very interesting thing about love potions is that getting love potions is very easy and can be obtained for free.

You should know that this love potion item has a fairly high benefit in the Sakura School Simulator game. Curious where are the locations you should visit to get free love potions and some are paid? Just take a look at the reviews below.

Place of Love Potion Sakura School Simulator

In the game Sakura School Simulator, players can live activities like real life in general, starting from school, making friends, getting married and having children. But to do some activities, one of which is getting married, the player must have a special item called a love potion. In the following, Ulingame has prepared places that store love potions for free.

1. Sakura School Simulator Girl Character Room

In Girls Room

The first place you can explore first is the girl character room. The place for the girl character’s own room is very easy to find, which is in the girl’s house (Home Girl).

Go to the house on the left and then enter room number 2 after that take the Sakura School Simulator love potion which is on the table adjacent to the bed.

2. Rooftop Hospital Sakura school Simulator

Hospital Rooftop

Players can also get the Sakura School Simulator love potion on the roof of the hospital or hospital. Go to the hospital or hospital and go straight to the roof using a jetpack.

There you will find a free Sakura School Simulator love potion near the door.

3. Get the Love Potion at Aoi’s House

Aoi's house

The next way to get the Sakura School Simulator love potion is to be not far from the school, to be precise in an empty house near a T-junction. After finding his house and going inside, the love potion was on the dining table of Aoi’s house.

4. Sakura School Simulator’s Skull Tunnel

Skull Tunnel

The next place is in the skull tunnel behind the school tennis court Sakura School Simulator.

There you will get the Sakura School Simulator love potion which is in a tunnel next to a scary skull.

5. Love Potion AT Sakura School Simulator Pier

Dock How to Get Love Potion Sakura School Simulator

Go to the dock and meet one of the men named Ams Dealer. Players can buy the Sakura School love potion from the man for 10,000 Yen. If you don’t have money to buy love potions, players can EARN MONEY first by asking the Sakura School Simulator teacher or attending a wedding at the Wedding Chaper.

6. Sakuma Corporation Sakura School Simulator Store

Sakuma Corporation Store How to Get the Love Potion Sakura School Simulator

Finally, Sakuma Corporation, to go to that place, please press the menu in the upper left corner then select Sakuma Corporation. When it arrives, players can buy the Sakura School Simulator love potion for 10,000 Yen.

Benefits of Love Potions in Sakura School Simulator

In addition to how to get Sakura School’s love potions, Ulingame has also prepared an explanation about the benefits of love potions. For Sakura School Simulator players who don’t know the benefits of love potions, you must see the article below.

1. Get Sakura School Simulator Couple

Getting a Partner How to Get a Love Potion Sakura School Simulator

The first benefit of the Sakura School Simulator love potion is as a sign of love for the character you love. If the player wants MARRY in Sakura School Simulator you must have a love potion item.

2. Asking the Teacher for Money Sakura School Simulator

Asking Teacher for Money How to Get Love Potion Sakura School Simulator

Besides being used to find a partner, love potions can also be used to earn money by approaching school teachers. The method is quite easy, just give a love potion and then give a little compliment and the player is given money from the teacher in the amount of 6,000 Yen.

3. Improve Sakura School Simulator Character’s Mood

The third benefit is that it can improve mood. Every character in Sakura School Simulator drinks a love potion item, their mood will increase drastically so that they are more enthusiastic about carrying out their activities.

The final word

So much information on how to get love potions in Sakura School Simulator easily for free above. But reminds that at the Pier and Sakuma Corporation does not provide love potion items for free. There are only 4 places for love potions that can be taken for free as above. Hopefully useful and don’t forget to try the methods above.