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The latest PUBG Zuxxy, Luxxy, Ryzen, Microboy, TonyK sensitivity 2022

PUBG Zuxxy sensitivity – In order to become a pro player in PUBG Mobile, the key is not about expensive phones. But comfort when playing and skill are the main factors if you want to become a pro player.

In order to become a pro player, you can try BTR Zuxxy’s PUBG Mobile sensitivity code to improve your performance when playing. PUBG Mobile allows users to share layout codes for control and sensitivity settings.

BTR Zuxxy is a pro player who is included in one of the esports in Indonesia, namely Bigetron Esports, the PUBG Mobile division. Maybe from the many PUBG Mobile players, want to try and use the sensitivity of PUBG Zuxxy because it is very good and has won the MVP title of the PMCO tournament world.

Discussing about the Zuxxy player, some of you are certainly curious about the settings used by Zuxxy. This time Ulingame will provide the code and PUBG Zuxxy Sensitivity settings below.

Zuxxy’s BTR Biography

Zuxxy's Biography

For players who are curious about the BTR Zuxxy profile, just take a look at the complete bio from Ulingame which is summarized below.

Full nameMade Bagas Pramudita
Game NameZuxxy
Place and date of birthBali, May 31, 2003
Age17 years
YouLuxxy ( Made Bagus Pramudita)
ProfessionPUBG Mobile Pro Player & Streamer
RoleCo-Leader & Observer

Zuxxy as a Bigetron RA player has won various competitions, both national and international. Zuxxy is also actively streaming through the Nimo TV and Youtube platforms under the name Zuxxy Gaming. Bagas has created YouTube since 2022 with a total of 1.8 million subscribers.

PUBG Zuxxy sensitivity

Zuxxy Pubg Mobile Sensitivity

1. Camera

Camera Sensitivity
No TPP Binoculars: 120%No FPP Binoculars: 115%
Red Laser, Holographic, Sight: 50%Binoculars Viewfinder 2X: 35%
Binoculars Viewfinder 3X: 30%Binoculars Viewfinder 4X: 26%
Binoculars Viewfinder 6X: 20%Binoculars Viewfinder: 12%

As you know that camera settings are very important in aiming at the opponent so that they are right on target. If you get a comfortable setting, it will certainly be easier to shoot your opponent and get a lot of kills.

The picture above is a camera setting from Zuxxy. Readers can change the settings above according to their own wishes.

2. ADS

Zuxxy Ads Sensitivity
No TPP Binoculars: 120%No FPP Binoculars: 115%
Red Laser, Holographic, Sight: 88%Binoculars Viewfinder 2X: 36%
Binoculars Viewfinder 3X: 30%Binoculars Viewfinder 4X: 40%
Binoculars Viewfinder 6X: 30%Binoculars Viewfinder: 12%

ADS is the key so that players can control the recoil of shots from weapons, so that the bullets that are issued are right on target and not random.

Zuxxy ADS settings are also not too high or low. You can see the settings above and can change according to your own convenience.

3. Gyroscope

Zuxxy Gyroscope Sensitivity
No Binoculars TPP : 300%No FPP Binoculars: 300%
Red Laser, Holographic, Sight: 300%Binoculars Viewfinder 2X: 300%
Binoculars Viewfinder 3X: 165%Binoculars Viewfinder 4X: 120%
Binoculars Viewfinder 6X: 60%Binoculars Viewfinder: 45%

Zuxxy also uses the full Gyroscope feature, so the settings are made right-aligned. So if there is an opponent, just spray and point the device forward.

Zuxxy Sensitivity Code & Layout Code

For players who don’t want to bother setting the Zuxxy sensitivity one by one, you can use the Zuxxy sensitivity code through the Layout Code. Zuxxy uses 4 FINGER CONTROL. Ulingame has provided some Zuxxy layout codes along with other pro players which you can copy the code below.

Sensitivity Code6982 4082 3392 3333 569
Layout Code6982 3851 8998 9649 273
Sensi Code7007 2502 2969 5611 390
Control Code7007 2502 2969 5611 389
Backup Control Code7007 2476 2557 3893 219

Other Pro Player Sensitivity Codes

uHigh7007 2295 8882 3092 387
EVOS Microboy7007 2610 8072 2875 930
FaZe TonyK7007 2472 8625 2623 757
FaZe Vintorez6960 4872 3048 0059 824
BTR Luxxy6982 3869 1172 6303 472
EVOS Redface6960 5096 1022 0856 569
beer116893 3716 3000 8403 767
BTR Ryzen6893 3648 4261 5800 061
iON Genfos6893 3663 7340 6737 452
Madtoi6916 3243 9788 2540 122

The final word

That’s the discussion from Ulingame regarding PUBG Zuxxy Sensitivity and other pro player layout codes that you can use when playing PUBG. Hopefully it can help PUBG Mobile game fans get the best sensitivity settings and readers can also change it according to their wishes and comfort when playing.