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6 Ways to Create a 100% Unique & Cool PUBG Invisible Name!!

How to Make PUBG Invisible Name – In the PUBG game, each player is given an ID in the form of an ID and a nickname (player account name). Where the PUBG player ID itself is usually given by the PUBG developer the first time someone creates an account.

While the nickname or account name in the PUBG game, players are free to make it as they wish, as long as it doesn’t violate the terms and conditions. That way, players can certainly be more flexible to create cool and unique PUBG account names.

Talking about PUBG COOL NICKNAMERecently, several players have appeared using empty (transparent) or invisible nicknames for their accounts. Of course, this makes most players curious because the name is different from the others.

Actually, how to change or create an empty name in the PUBG Mobile game is quite easy to do, as long as you know the stages. Well, on this occasion the author will thoroughly discuss how to make the PUBG invisible name complete with terms and conditions.

Requirements to Create an Invisible PUBG Name

Before the main discussion on how to make the PUBG invisible name continues, it’s a good idea to first understand some of the terms and conditions. Where the main condition that must be met by players when they want to create an empty name is to have the latest version of the PUBG application.

The internet network connection on the smartphone device used to play PUBG Mobile must also be in a stable and smooth condition. In addition, in order to make the PUBG invisible nickname successful, the player must have a name change card or rename card.

Blank Name Code in PUBG

As explained earlier, now PUBG players can make their account nicknames empty or invisible. Where this trick can only be done if the player enters some codes, formats or special characters at the time of making his name.

To make your name invisible in PUBG, you only need to enter a special code like or . If the two invisible names are already used by someone else, you can combine them with a few words, for example Ulingame.

How to Make PUBG Invisible Name

After knowing the terms and conditions for making an invisible nickname in the PUBG game, then you also have to understand how to do it. Broadly speaking, the steps for creating an empty name are not much different from when CHANGE YOUR NAME IN PUBG.

This is because players need an item in the form of rename card so that making the PUBG invisible nickname can be successful. Instead of being curious, just take a good look at the procedure for making the PUBG invisible name below.

1. Open PUBG Game

Open Game Pubg 1

The first way, please open PUBG Mobile game on your smartphone, be it on Android or on iOS. Before proceeding with the steps, make sure that the condition of the internet network connection is stable and smooth.

Enter the Inventory Menu

If you have entered the main page or PUBG game lobby, please go to the Inventory menu. Usually the Inventory menu is at the bottom right of the screen next to the More menu.

3. Tap Item Box

Tap Item Box

In the Inventory menu, players will be presented with various PUBG assets, ranging from clothes, weapon skins, stickers, items and so on. Next way, please go to item box option in the below section.

4. Use a Name Change Card

Use a Name Change Card

In the PUBG inventory box option, there will be various kinds of dancing items, one of which is a name change card (rename card). Please choose name change card that and tap Use. If you don’t have one, please buy a name change card first at the store for 180 UC.

5. Enter PUBG Invisible Name

Enter Pubg Invisible Name

Later, the replacement page or the creation of a new PUBG account name will automatically appear. Please enter the PUBG invisible codenamethat is . Keep in mind, you can combine or combine the code with other characters so that it becomes a unique and cool name.

6. Create a Blank Name in PUBG

Creating a Blank Name In Pubg

After successfully entering the invisible name in PUBG, please click OK. Later the account nickname or PUBG nickname has been successfully changed to invisible (empty). If you have reached this stage, then how to create an empty name in PUBG has been successfully done.

Causes of Failed to Create PUBG Invisible Name

The above has been explained in full on how to create an empty account name in the PUBG game. Even though the procedure or steps look easy, there are still some players who complain that they fail to do it.

This of course can be experienced by all players like when it failed REMOVING FRIENDS IN PUBG. Therefore, in order to avoid failing to make an invisible nickname in PUBG, it’s good to know some of the causes below.

  • Bad internet network connection.
  • Haven’t updated the PUBG application to the latest version.
  • Do not have a name change card (rename card).
  • The PUBG Mobile game is experiencing problems on the device (crash).
  • PUBG servers are down.
  • PUBG game is currently under maintenance (maintenance).


That’s if the explanation from about how to make an invisible PUBG name comes with the terms and conditions, be it on an Android or iOS cellphone. Hopefully the information above can be used as a reference when you want to make an invisible nickname in the PUBG game.