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Fake Winrate Mobile Legends: How To Create & Use

Mobile Legends Fake Winrate – Playing gadget games is a fun activity for some people, especially if they are played with friends, it definitely adds to the excitement that can be felt. The gadget game that almost everyone plays is the Mobile Legends Game. From the initial release until now, Mobile Legends is still popular with many people.

Especially considering the situation until now, which you also know yourself that the pandemic is still not over. However, those of you who have a hobby of playing games are definitely not too bored when you have to stay at home. Because when playing games you can also chat with friends. If you like playing Mobile Legends, you must have memorized which players have the ambition to win, and who are after certain rewards.

Well, of course, to get what you want, competition is needed. In this Mobile Legends game, losing or winning in the arena is not the only competition between players. Of course, you also compete in the hero’s victory rating, usually known as Winrate. Because the Winrate presentation is often used as a benchmark for the team to believe in the ability of the player.

This makes players take a breakthrough by displaying fake Winrates. The goal is to be able to deceive other players so that you can use the desired hero. How? Are you curious about how to do it? Previously, for attention Winrate This fake has risks. It is clear that this method is cheating and violates the official method of Mobile Legends.

It doesn’t matter, if players want to do this so that their abilities can be recognized by their teammates, now Ulingame this time will provide steps for using the fake Mobile Legends winrate below.

How to Make Fake Winrate ML

Mobile Legends fake winrate is actually very easy to use. The trick is to just copy and paste a word that looks like the Winrate of another player before the start of the match.

Usually fake winrates are suitable if players are going to play randomly or when they want to use their favorite hero. Here’s how players can follow.

  1. The first step is that the player must first copy the fake Winrate. Then run the Mobile Legends game.
  2. After that, please mode Classic or Ranked to play it.
    Play Ranked or Classic Mode
  3. When you have started Draft Pick, players will see a display of the hero selection process. Well, in the next step the player can use a fake Winrate.
    Enter Fake Winrate
  4. Tap the Message icon at the bottom left of the screen, then click Tap To Type.
  5. Then copy the fake Winrate below.
    Fake Winrate Mobile Legends 1

Players can choose to use a fake Winrate in English or Indonesian, the way is to simply copy the word below, then Paste it in the chat column.

Fake Winrate in Indonesian

Win Rate HeroI want to use Fanny. [FFE485] 1900, Win Rate 90%
MMRI want to use Fanny. [FFE485] My current Hero Power is 3500.
Title HeroI’m Fanny No. 13 in the World Rankings. [FFE485] I want to use Gusion.

Fake Winrate English

Win Rate HeroI want to use Fanny. [FFE485] Matches 1900, Win Rate 90.0%
MMRI want to use Fanny. [FFE485] My current Hero Power is 3500.
Title Hero I’m the No. 13 Fanny in World Rank. [FFE485] I want to use Gusion.

If so, please press Send so that fake Winrate posts will appear.

Using fake Winrates in Mobile Legends is not justified, therefore you must of course be balanced with skills when fighting so that you don’t appear to be using fake Winrates.

The final word

That’s the explanation from on how to make fake winrate, MMR, Title Hero in Mobile Legends game. Hopefully the above method can help you use the hero you want when playing the Mobile Legends game solo.