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6 PUBG 2 Finger 2022 Control Settings: Ways & Advantages

2 Finger PUBG Control Settings – In this article, we will discuss the PUBG Mobile game about 2-finger control settings. Currently, there is an era for mobile games, one of which is PUBG Mobile which was released by Tencent on May 19, 2022.

This PUBG game has 2 versions, a PC version and a mobile version that can be played anywhere, anytime. PUBG Mobile also presents the most exciting free multiplayer action on smartphones.

Before you play the PUBG Mobile game, it would be nice for you to set the control settings first so that playing PUBG Mobile games is more comfortable and of course it will be easier to kill enemies.

Here Ulingame will discuss how to control settings, advantages and disadvantages of using 2 fingers, see the review below.

2 Finger PUBG Control Settings

The 2-finger control setting is highly recommended so that you are more comfortable and have a better chance of getting chicken dinner. This setting can later be used either on an Android smartphone or iPhone.

1. Button Position

Button Position

Make sure the button to shoot is on the right of the cellphone screen and that the button is enlarged so that you don’t experience errors.

2. Scope position

Scope position

Place the scope button not far from the shoot button to the right. So that we quickly open the scope and then shoot.

3. Position of the Peek Tombol Button

Peek position

Place the peek button next to the cellphone screen not far from the left or right shoot button, you can determine your comfort. Then you enlarge the button.

4. Run Button

Running Position

On the button to run is on the left of the screen to move it like playing other battle royals and to add comfort, fluency, and agility.

Advantages of Setting Control 2 Fingers

Advantages of Setting Control PUBG 2 Fingers

After knowing how to set 2 finger control in the PUBG Mobile game, of course there will be a number of advantages that can be obtained. The advantages of this arrangement are as follows.

  • Very simple and comfortable in the hand.
  • It’s easier to see the enemy.
  • No fingers blocking the screen.
  • Very suitable for beginners.

Disadvantages of 2-finger Control Settings

Disadvantages of 2 Finger PUBG Control Settings

Although the 2-finger control setting has its advantages, that doesn’t mean there are no drawbacks. For consideration, Ulingame will explain some of its shortcomings.

  • Shooting with squats tends to take more time.
  • It’s a fraction of a second longer the control.
  • Not too lively.
  • Very troublesome when fighting 2/3/4 enemies with 2 fingers, very troublesome when fighting 2/3/4 enemies with 2 fingers.
  • Less effective.

Reasons 2 Finger Players Should Use a Gyroscope

By activating the Gyroscope feature you can aim simply by pointing your smartphone. To adjust the sensitivity of the Gyroscope, you can adjust it according to your convenience. In playing the PUBG Mobile game with 2 fingers, setting the location of the button and the level of sensitivity are very important.

Many Pro players also use the Gyroscope to make it easier to move and control the direction of the shot. If you are a 2-finger player not using the Gyroscope, you will be more overwhelmed in terms of movement, shooting and others.

For you PUBG players, of course you want to play comfortably and don’t lag when playing smoothly, because this can be said to be the determinant of victory. In order to avoid problems with the game, you must PUBG MOBILE GRAPHICS SETTINGS first which Ulingame has summarized in the article.

You can also use PUBG powder, it will make your fingers slippery and anti-drag due to sweat. This powder is also fragrant and safe for the skin. Just rub a little powder on the tip of your thumb. Then the PUBG game will be more agile on the smartphone screen.

The final word

That’s the explanation of how to set the version of the PUBG 2 finger control that you can try now. Settings for your convenience in playing PUBG Mobile and being able to experience Chicken Dinner more often than before. Hopefully useful and good luck.