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16 Ways to Unbind PUBG Account Permanently: Easy & 100% Work

How to Unbind PUBG Account – PUBG Mobile game has provided an option to login from Email, Facebook & Twitter. Players can disconnect the PUBG account with a Facebook account or Twitter account. Following this, Ulingame has prepared a way to unbind PUBG accounts from Facebook accounts and Twitter accounts that can be used.

This unbind method applies to friends who want to delete their Facebook, Twitter or Google Play accounts on PUBG, meaning the account will no longer be connected. However, when you log back into the PUBG Mobile account via the same Facebook or Twitter account, the PUBG account still exists with information that will not change.

Even so, some PUBG players feel uncomfortable if their social media accounts are related to each other. At any time the PUBG Mobile account that has been linked to Gmail or Facebook has been hacked by someone else, then all email data and other social media accounts are also at risk which has been accessed by hacked people.

In addition to preventing abuse on problematic PUBGM accounts, you also have to unbind. This method can be done easily, but must complete some mandatory terms and conditions. Through the method below to be able to unbind or remove PUBG accounts from social media for good, just take a look at the method below in full.

PUBGM Account Unbind Terms & Conditions

For players who don’t know how to unbind a PUBG account, it is the process of removing an account that is already connected to FB or Twitter. Before entering the discussion topic, you must first prepare the terms and conditions as below.

1. Already Bind Account

The main requirement is that you have Bind your PUBG account, be it on FB or Twitter. In addition, PUBG accounts that have been connected to one of these social media must have been linked for at least 21 days. If it is less then the unbind process cannot be carried out.

2. Don’t Login to Social Media Accounts

Players are not allowed to log into social media that has just been unbind for 7 days. Because, when you log back into FB or Twitter that has been connected to PUBG, the unbind process will fail and the PUBG account will automatically re-bind.

3. Login PUBG Using Google Play Account

Players are also not allowed to log in using the account to be unbind. Here Ulingame suggests logging in using a Google Play account. When you enter PUBG using FB or Twitter, you cannot Unbind the second account.

4. Maximum Limit for Unbinding

Tencent also has a stipulation that each player can only unbind a PUBG account once in 1 month. For example, you want to remove your PUBG account from your Twitter and FB accounts, then this process must be done within 2 months. The first month to unbind FB and the second month to unbind Twitter.

How to Unbind PUBG Account

After you know the terms and conditions for deleting a PUBG account that is connected to social media, now proceed to the method, the unbind process only takes 5 minutes, provided that all conditions have been met.

1. Open PUBG Mobile

Unbind Account

The first step to take is login first to the PUBG game on a smartphone. After that, log in through your Google Play Games account.

Go to Settings Menu

After successfully logging in, the next way is to go to the menu Settings which is at the bottom right of the lobby then select the settings menu.

Unlink Facebook Account

On the next screen you will find the Google Play games icon and the icon for one of the social media then click Unlinking Account.

4. Tap Continue

Press Continue

Next, a pop-up will appear containing the conditions for unbinding a PUBG account. then press Continue.

5. Select Unlink


On the smartphone screen, a pop-up confirmation will appear to remove the account from the associated social media. Just press Unlink to finish unbinding the account.

How to Remove PUBG Account from Social Media

To unbind a PUBG account, you can follow the steps below by listening carefully to the unbind method below, the Ulingame version.

1. Facebook Login

Login Facebook Account How to Unbind PUBG Account

Open the Facebook application first then log in with an account that has been connected to PUBG Mobile.

2. Go to Settings & Privacy

Privacy Settings How to Unbind PUBG Account

After that go to the settings & privacy menu then select the settings option, then press Applications and Websites

3. Click PUBG Mobile Game

Website Application How to Unbind PUBG Account

In the section accessed using Facebook, you press edit. Then in the PUBG section, click View.

4. Select Delete App

Disable How to Unbind PUBG Account

Next you scroll down and select the Delete Application option. Next confirm by selecting the delete button. If you have done the above, then your FB will not be connected to your PUBG account anymore.

The final word

Those are some ways to unbind PUBG Mobile accounts from social media or Email. If there is something you want to ask about how to unbind the account above, please ask in the comments column below. Hopefully the article above can be useful for those of you who don’t understand how to unbind an account. Don’t forget to follow Ulingame, because there will be the latest and most important information about online games.