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How to Push Rank in Pubg Mobile: Effective & Fast Conqueror

How to Push Rank in Pubg Mobile – For fans of the PUBG Mobile game, old players and new players, one thing that is definitely being pursued and desired is to raise the rank of PUBG Mobile by means of a push rank.

In this PUBG Mobile game, players need to know that there are 8 ranks in order, including: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace, and Conqueror. In order to rank up, players must collect Rank Points.

Not a few players find it difficult to raise the rank, because it requires consistency, endurance so as not to go down. There are also players who actually have a PUBG Mobile account, but increase the number of their accounts because they want to enjoy how exciting it is to raise the rank from the lowest to the highest in PUBG Mobile.

Therefore, Ulingame has prepared how to push the PUBG Mobile rank in a fast way that players can do even though you are still a novice player as follows.

How to Push Rank in PUBG Mobile

In order to get good results, of course there are several other supporting factors so that the process of how to push rank is smooth and successful quickly. Among them are the smartphone and internet network factors, before getting to how to play.

1. Smartphone & Smooth Connection

Smartphone Smooth Connection

Make sure the smartphone you are using is adequate and at least does not experience lag or frames. Likewise, the internet connection must be stable. In order to know whether the connection is smooth or not, players can test the signal first at the training camp or tdm.

2. Get off in a crowded place

Get off in a crowded place 2

If the player is in the bronze to silver rank, going down in a crowded place is one way because there are still a lot of bots hanging around. The purpose of this method is to increase the number of kills, thus accelerating players to rank up.

3. Play Squad

Play Squad

Playing will be more fun when playing with friends. If you have difficulty finding friends, you can do classic mode with random first and if you find a player you can work with, don’t hesitate to ask for friendship.

4. Avoid the Mistakes of Beginner Players

Avoid the Mistakes of Beginner Players

For example, playing in a non-strategic place, not paying attention to the circle, attacking carelessly is the cause of death due to lack of vigilance.

Find the best path in your opinion to attack the enemy and defend.

5. Convenient Graphics & Control Settings

Control Graphic Settings

Set your most comfortable settings to play without gaps. Setting the graphics is also one way to push rank, because it can make you not late to respond to the situation. set Graphics to Smooth and Frame Rate to Extreme.

6. Use the Best Weapon Combos

Use the Best Combo Weapons How to Push Rank in Pubg Mobile

The combination of weapons is important to defend against enemies at close and far distances. Ulingame will provide some recommendations for weapons that you can try:

  1. Solo Mode: Two Assault Rifles (AKM+M416) or SMG and Assault Rifle (M416). You can choose the Sniper Rifle if you are good at shooting on target.
  2. Duo/Squad Modes: Assault Rifle and Sniper Rifle (Kar98k or AWM); or Assault Rifle (AKM) and DMR (Mini14 or SKS).

7. Play With Higher Tier Rank Players

Playing With Higher Rank Players How To Push Rank In Pubg Mobile

The next way to push rank, you can play with friends who have a higher rank than yours because the points you will get will be high.

8. Learn Map

Learn Map How To Push Rank In Pubg Mobile

Each map has its own character, for example, the famous Sanhok map with bars and different from other maps. Apart from that, you can also learn about places where they can be used to be safe.

9. Positioning

Positioning How to Push Rank in Pubg Mobile

One thing that players rarely pay attention to is positioning. If you are always in the middle of the safe zone, from now on try playing by combing the edge of the zone. If you are on the edge of the zone line, most likely the opponent is only in front of the zone. It’s different if you are in the middle of a safe zone, then the enemy can come suddenly because they are looking for a safe place too.

10. Good Communication

Good Communication How To Push Rank In Pubg Mobile

Because playing squad, you have to establish communication between players. Because it is very important to get information on where the enemy is.

The final word

So the discussion of several ways to push rank in PUBG Mobile is fast and easy for sure. What is certain is that to become a pro player, you need a long time and dedication to push rank at every change of season. Hopefully the push rank method above is useful and thank you for listening to the Ulingame article to the end.