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16 Ways to Get Free Higgs Domino Chips : Uses & Functions

How to Get Free Higgs Domino Chips – Higgs Domino is a board game genre game with a card game type with the characteristics of the Indonesian state. At Higgs Domino, players can play various types of card games. Higgs Domino provides games such as Gaple, QiuQiu, Rummy, Cangkulan and many others.

Apart from that, to play the game Higgs Domino, there is a chip that you need. However, not all of these chips you can get for free. There are several legal or illegal ways to easily earn money in Higgs Dominoes.

Like card games in general, each player will get coins in the form of chips. Normally, you can get it through various games on Higgs Domino Island.

This time Ulingame will share how to get Higgs Domino chips for free and legally. Curious how to do it? just read the article below to the end.

Higgs Domino Chip Uses & Functions

Chip Function Use

In a game there are items that are always being hunted by players, whether it’s the Mobile Legends game, Free Fire and the one Ulingame is currently discussing, namely Higgs Domino. In Higgs Domino there is an item chip or coin that is very useful for beginners and old players.

Because of the chip in Higgs Domino, the player’s card game is getting wider. The potential for winning is very close if you have a lot of chips, but buying these chips is very expensive, many Higgs Domino players are hunting for free chips. This time Ulingame will share how to get free Higgs Domino chips, here’s how to get them for free below.

How to Get Free Higgs Domino Chips

If players want to get Domino chips for free, Ulingame will provide several steps and ways to get free Higgs Domino chips, this has been done by other players. Indeed, not everything works, but players can try it from several methods that Ulingame has prepared below.

1. Sign Up With a Facebook Account

Sign Up With a Facebook Account How To Get Free Higgs Domino Chips

You can get free chips at Higgs Domino if you register an account with Facebook. This is the first bonus that you can get when playing Higgs Domino, of course you will not be able to get this bonus if you register in another way.

Here’s how to get free Higgs Domino chips via Facebook.

  1. First download the game Higgs Domino Island then install it.
  2. After that open Higgs Domino and select login with Facebook.
  3. allow Higgs Domino access your Facebook data.
  4. Done, you will get a free chip bonus.

2. Enter Password

Enter Password

The second way so you can get free chips is by entering your own Higgs Domino account password, you can win free chips. This can be done only once when checking password security.

Here’s how to get free chips via password.

  1. Enter the game Higgs Dominoes.
  2. Press three row symbol which is in the top right corner.
  3. Choose lock symbol which is at the top.
  4. Enter the password or password, then tap Define.

3. Login Every Day

Login Daily How To Get Free Higgs Domino Chips

Every day, Higgs Domino provides bonus chips that you can take for free. Usually, this bonus can be obtained for new users for 7 days. Therefore, don’t forget to login to Higgs Domino every day to claim the bonus chips that you can get.

4. Use Exchange Code

Higgs Dominoes Exchange Code

Higgs Domino’s also gives 2M free chips for free if you use the redemption code. Not only getting coins, you can also have the opportunity to get RP from the exchange code used.\

In the following, Ulingame will show you how to exchange the Higgs Domino secret code.

  1. Go to Higgs Domino’s and log in.
  2. Tap the three row symbol in the top right corner.
  3. In the Dropdown menu, please select the key,
  4. After that, enter the Higgs Domino chip bonus redemption code
  5. Then you will automatically get free chips.

5. Invite Friends

Invite Friends How To Get Free Higgs Domino Chips

This fifth method, maybe you never knew that inviting friends also resulted in free Domino chips. So doing the activity of inviting one of your friends at Higgs Domino will get an auto bonus of RP. With this RP bonus you can exchange it for free chips, but you have to collect RP as much as 5,000 after that can only be exchanged for chips.

Higgs Domino RP code exchange list.

  1. 5,000 = 30 M
  2. 10,000 = 60 M
  3. 20,000 = 200 M

6. Win the Game

Win Game How To Get Free Higgs Domino Chips

The next way is to win the game in the Higgs Domino game that you play in order to get prizes or bonus chips for free, the more you win in each Higgs game, the more bonus prizes you will get.

The final word

There are several ways that you can use to get free chips every day so you can still play Higgs Domino. Hopefully the article above can be useful, especially for Ulingame visitors.