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How to Record Pubg Mobile on Android

How to Record Pubg Mobile on Android – Of course PUBG Mobile players want to be like pro players who often create YouTube content. This is certainly not one of the dreams anymore for the players. Given this, you can also record in an easy way.

Even though most of the PUBG Mobile players certainly don’t understand how to record when playing PUBG Mobile on Android.

When playing PUBG Mobile, of course, players want to get maximum results in order to get a win or get a Chicken Dinner. PUBG Mobile players also sometimes want to capture winning moments to be stored and recorded properly on media storage.

The moment when playing the PUBG Mobile game, of course there are things that you want to record or record according to your wishes. Sometimes there are those who want to record the game without using sound and there are also players who record the game with a discord record.

Players who want to record must have a stable connection so that when uploaded to the YouTube application or social media, players don’t need to be embarrassed if they experience lag and players must RECORD SETTINGS first so as not to experience problems while playing the game.

How to Record PUBG Mobile on Android

There are several ways for Android software applications that you can use to record and internal sound when playing PUBG Mobile. In the following, Ulingame will share a method based on the software application that can be used.

1. How to Record Game Space

For fans of the PUBG Mobile game, make sure you use an Android that has the Game Space feature. Because almost all players understand how important the Game Space feature is. Here’s how to do the record below.

  1. Enter into the Game Space application.
    Game Space 1
  2. After that exit to the home to enter the game that you are going to play.
  3. When you have played the PUBG Mobile game, wipe the cellphone screen with 3 fingers.
    Game Space 2 How to Record PUBG Mobile on Android
  4. You can set how big the size and sound of the smartphone screenshot is.
  5. Choose the resolution to be precise.
  6. Save the recorded video when you’re done.

2. How to SCR (Screen Recorder)

SCR Screen Recorder is an application to record Android screen without root for free, stable and high quality. SCR Screen Recorder helps players record android screen videos smooth and clear. Through various features and no need for rooting, SCR Screen Recorder provides an easy way to record PUBG Mobile on Android. Video calls, live streaming and more. For information on how to use it, just see the method below.

Scr How to Record PUBG Mobile on Android
  1. The first step is to download the SCR Screen Recorder application.
  2. Then open the settings menu, after that in the audio section change the source to internal if you want to record internal audio only.
  3. Select Internal and Mic if you want to record a microphone. Ulingame recommends using Android or a headset so that the sound that will be produced does not cause echoes.
  4. For how to record, select the orange SCR icon.

3. How to DU Recorder

To record PUBG Mobile on Android, most players rely on screen record applications from third parties. Now for those who are curious how to activate this feature on Android. Check out the review below how to use it.

How to Du Recorder How to Record PUBG Mobile on Android
  1. Download the DU Screen Recorder app
  2. After the download is complete, open the DU Record application.
  3. Enter the settings menu then turn on voice recording
  4. Don’t forget to connect Android with speakers and headsets.
  5. Next, start playing PUBG Mobile and then record using the application.
  6. When the recording is finished, the player can edit the recorded video record.

Criteria for Choosing a Game Record Application on Android

To choose a record application for games on Android that you have to use on your cellphone, of course, there are special requirements that the application has. In the following, Ulingame will provide the following terms or criteria.

Android Specifications

Specifications of How to Record PUBG Mobile on Android

The application that must be selected on the cellphone must have low specifications, for example on cellphones with a minimum of 2 GB RAM, because not all players have high specification cellphones.

Choosing Apps Without Watermark

Choosing an Application Without a Watermark How to Record PUBG Mobile on Android

When recording video, it is not allowed to use a watermark or application logo. If the watermark or application logo is used, it can make the video quality decrease.

Video Record Resolution

Resolution How to Record PUBG Mobile on Android

When recording a video, it must have a minimum resolution of 720p or above because if it is below that, the video will look bad or broken.

Android No Root

Android No RootHow to Record PUBG Mobile on Android

When going to record, it is not allowed to use a rooted cellphone. Because it will cause your cellphone to be uncomfortable and easily damaged.

Choose a Free Recording App

Choose a Free Recording App

The record application is attempted to be open or arguably free, so it is easier for many PUBG players to have it for free and easy to access.

Tips for Smooth Recording

When you do screen recording, it’s best to try some important tips. Here are some tips that you can try.

  1. Turn off notifications from some other devices first. For example, turn off notifications for Whatsapp, LINE, SMS, Instagram, alarms and many other applications that often appear on the cellphone screen.
  2. Turn on the volume to the maximum. Basically when you record the screen, you are recording a video. Of course the audio will also be included on the recording. In addition to audio from the game, voices from players are also included in their own voice recordings. For that reason, players can adjust all sounds in such a way that the results are pleasant to hear.
  3. When the recording starts it must be at the right time. When recording the screen, start at the right time so you don’t miss a moment.

The final word

Those are some ways to record PUBG Mobile on the version of Android that you can do. Game record results on Android can be used or uploaded to social media Instagram or Youtube. Hopefully the information above can be useful and help to add insight in terms of screen recording and sound for the game to be played.