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16 Sensitivity FF Auto Headshot 2022 : Ruok and All HP

FF Auto Headshot Sensitivity – Playing online games can be one of the best alternative ways to relieve boredom during a pandemic. One of them is playing the Free Fire game which is certainly very fun, especially if you can get Booyah.

But to get Boyaah in the FF game is not as easy as you think, you have to have qualified skills both when doing battle or doing other movements.

One of the things that support you to get victory or Booyah in this Free Fire game is the FF Sensitivity Setting. You can adjust your own sensitivity settings according to your comfort so that when playing or all controls can be controlled properly.

Until now, there are many best FF sensitivity settings that players can follow, starting from the best Pro Players or Youtubers on Free Fire such as Ruok, FDW Frontal gaming and others. Players can also adjust the FF sensitivity setting according to the cellphone you are using.

Now, on this good occasion, Ulingame will share some recommendations for setting Auto Headshot Sensitivity belonging to a Pro player or Youtuber and according to the device used, see the full review below.

What is Auto Headshot Sensitivity

Sensitivity FF Auto Headshot 1

Sensitivity in the Free Fire online game is a settings menu that players can use to see their surroundings using the 6 features in FF.

Players can adjust the sensitivity settings according to their wishes so that they can control with their own comfort, of course this will make it easier when running, shooting, avoiding vehicles and making other movements when playing FF.

Of course, with FF Sensitivity, it will be very useful to help you use it when doing all movements, including shooting auto headshots. Therefore, as Free Fire players, you can try some of the recommendations for auto headshot sensitivity that Ulingame will share below.

FF Auto Headshot Sensitivity

Although the use of the best Sensitivity setting does not guarantee 100% of players to get an easy win, but at least it can help players to ease their movements so that they are better when playing Free Fire.
Here, Ulingame has presented a list of recommendations for the sensitivity of the Free Fire auto headshot below.

1. Ruok Auto Headshot Sensitivity

Yt Ruok Sensitivity

At first, many players thought that YouTubers from Thailand were using cheats or illegal programs and had shocked survivors, especially followers of the Ruok Youtube Channel, that they used cheats when playing Free Fire.

But when Ruok did a live stream, Ruok was not proven to be using an illegal program or cheat and so far has revealed that Ruok’s FF players use Sensitivity.
For players looking for Ruok’s sensitivity below.

Look Around65
Red Dot Sight85
2x Shot75
4x Shot65
AWM Shots50
Look Around65

2. FDW Auto Headshot Sensitivity

Sensitivity Ff Fdw

The next best sensitivity is a Free Fire Youtuber named FDW or often known as a Frontal Gaming player who has auto headshot sensitivity as follows.

Look Around50
Red Dot Sight80
2x Scope70
4x Scope80
AWM Scope50
Look Around55

3. BNL Auto Headshot Sensitivity

Sensitivity Ff Bnl

BNL is a content creator who often reviews FF games. His ability when playing FF is very good, this is proven because BNL is the global top user of the M1014 weapon.

Of course, this makes FF players curious about the FF auto headshot sensitivity setting used after updating.

Look Around60
Red Dot Sight70
2x Shot50
4x Shot50
AWM Shots30
Look Around55

4. Xiaomi HP Auto Headshot Sensitivity

Sensitivity Ff Xiaomi Hp

Every cellphone used to play FF ​​certainly has its own sensitivity settings. Below, Ulingame has prepared auto headshot sensitivity for players using Xiaomi brand cellphones.

Look Around95
Red Dot Sight99
2x Shot 83
4x Shot 87
AWM Shots 100
Look Around50

5. Auto Headshot Sensitivity for HP Realme

Ff realme sensitivity

As for players using Realme phones who are looking for the best sensitivity setting recommendations, please use the sensitivity below.

Look Around90
Red Dot Sight85
2x Shot 80
4x Shot 80
AWM Shots 50
Look Around65

6. Oppo HP Auto Headshot Sensitivity

Oppo Ff Sensitivity

Next Ulingame has also prepared FF sensitivity settings for Oppo mobile phone users. The settings below can support all types of HP Oppo starting from the latest and old versions.

Look Around98
Red Dot Sight90
2x Shot 95
4x Shot 91
AWM Shots 22
Look Around25

7. HP Vivo Auto Headshot Sensitivity

Ff Vivo Sensitivity

The Free Fire game can certainly be played on all Android phones, one of which is the Vivo brand which is currently on the rise. Players can try using the FF auto headshot sensitivity below for players using Vivo cellphones.

Look Around97
Red Dot Sight80
2x Scope89
4x Scope92
AWM Scope15
Look Around10

8. Samsung HP Auto Headshot Sensitivity

Samsung Ff Sensitivity

Maybe quite a lot of players are looking for the best sensitivity settings for Samsung brand cellphones to make it easier when shooting opponents on the head or auto headshot.

Look Around93
Red Dot Sight100
2x Scope90
4x Scope96
AWM Scope96
Look Around55

9. Asus HP Auto Headshot Sensitivity

Asus Ff Sensitivity

Ulingame also did not forget to provide FF sensitivity that players can use for all types of Asus brand HP users below.

Look Around80
Red Dot Sight85
2x Scope80
4x Scope80
AWM Scope50
Look Around65

10. HP Infinix Auto Headshot Sensitivity

Sensitivity FF Infinix

The last sensitivity is for HP Infinix brands where many FF players are looking for the best no DPI settings after being updated as follows.

Look Around100
Red Dot Sight4
2x Scope100
4x Scope100
AWM Scope50
Look Around50

FF Sensitivity Function

As Ulingame said before, the FF sensitivity menu has several features including, Look Around, Red Dot Sight, X2 Scope, X4 Scope, Awm Scope and Look Around.

Of course, each feature has its own use. Here for more details.

  1. Look Around: Swipe the screen down, up, right and left to see the surroundings.
  2. Red Dot Sight : Scrolls the screen while aiming but does not use the Scope.
  3. X2 Scope : Swipe the screen while aiming using the X2 Scope.
  4. X4 Scope : Swipe the screen while aiming using the X4 Scope.
  5. AWM Scope : Swipe the screen while aiming with the Sniper rifle or better known as AWM.
  6. Look Around : Swipe the screen to make it easier to find out the opponent’s position around.

The final word

Free Fire players can choose several auto headshot sensitivity settings that Ulingame has summarized above. Don’t forget to adjust it to the mobile device that you use when playing Free Fire.

That’s the discussion that Ulingame can share on this occasion, hopefully with the list of recommendations above, it can help FF players to get the best sensitivity.