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6 Ways to Delete Friends in PUBG 2022 (In Game & Facebook)

How to Delete Friends in PUBG – As is known, when PUBG Mobile became one of the most popular multiplayer games, be it for Android or iOS users. Where the PUBG game allows players to have many friends to play with (mabar).

However, sometimes there are several friend accounts in PUBG that have been inactive for a long time and certainly cannot be invited to play together. So that you don’t meet the PUBG friend list, you can actually delete friends or unfriends in PUBG, whether it’s friends from social media, random, clan or crew.

Deleting this friendship can certainly be done by all players because basically PUBG itself has provided the feature. However, when players want to unfriend PUBG, of course they have to follow all the terms and conditions like when they want to HIDE ROYALE PASS.

Therefore, before deleting friends in PUBG, it’s a good idea to first understand what the conditions are and how to do it. Well, this time the author will share a discussion regarding how to delete friends in PUBG, including the terms and conditions.

Friendship Limits in PUBG

Friendship Limits In Pubg

Please note, PUBG Mobile has provisions regarding the friendship limit that can be added to the friends list (friend list). Therefore, before discussing how to delete friends in PUBG further, it is better to understand the friendship limits of the players.

Where the number of friends that can be added to the friends list is initially limited to 250 according to the Steam Friend list limit. However, players can still add more friends if they can level up their Steam profile with a quota of 5 friends per level.

In addition, if players connect or link Steam with a Facebook account, then they are entitled to an increase in the friend limit of 50 friends directly. In other words, linking a Facebook account can increase the capacity of the player list in the PUBG game.

Terms of Delete Friends in PUBG

Terms of Delete Friends in Pubg

When you want to delete one or more friends in PUBG, of course, the players must meet all the terms and conditions. One of the main requirements for unfriending PUBG is to have a smooth and stable internet network connection.

In addition, another requirement is that players must also have updated the PUBG Mobile application or game to the latest version. If not, please update PUBG first on the Play Store for the Android version or the App Store for the iOS version.

How to Delete Friends in PUBG

As explained earlier, actually how to unfriend in the PUBG game is quite easy to do. This is not without reason, because the PUBG developer itself has provided a feature that allows players to delete one or more friends.

Instead of being curious, without further ado, just pay close attention to the following procedures for deleting friends in PUBG, be it on an Android or iOS smartphone.

1. Run PUBG Mobile

Run Pubg Mobile

First of all, please run the PUBG Mobile app or game on your smartphone. Before proceeding with the unfriending steps, make sure that the internet network connection is in a stable and smooth condition.

Enter Friendship Menu

If you have entered the main page or PUBG lobby, please go to the Friend List menu or Friend List. Where the Friend List menu is on the left side of the screen and contains a list of friends, be it friends who are online or offline.

Choose More Menu

The next way is select menu More. This menu is usually symbolized by note icon at the top right of the Friend List menu.

4. Tap Cluster Management

Tap Cluster Management

After that, 2 options will appear, namely Group Management and Block List. To continue the tutorial on deleting friends, please select Cluster Management.

5. Define Friends

Define Friends

Then select one or more PUBG friends to delete. PUBG itself provides the option of deleting 50 friends at once. If you have chosen it, please click Delete button at the bottom right.

6. Confirm Deleting Friends in PUBG

Confirm Deleting Friends In Pubg

Finally, an announcement or notification will appear regarding the deletion of friends in PUBG. To continue, please click OK. If you have reached this stage, then the procedure for deleting friends in PUBG Mobile has been successfully carried out.

Causes of Failed to Delete Friends in PUBG

Causes of Failed to Delete Friends in Pubg

The above has been explained in full on how to delete friends on PUBG Mobile. Although the steps are fairly easy to do, there are still some players who complain that they fail to do it.

Of course, failure or not succeeding in deleting friends in the PUBG game can be caused by a number of factors such as when trying to HIDE CHARACTER. Some of the reasons for failing to delete friends in the PUBG game include the following.

  • Bad internet network connection.
  • Haven’t updated the PUBG application to the latest version.
  • The PUBG app is having issues on the device (crash).
  • PUBG servers are experiencing a crash.
  • PUBG is currently under maintenance.


That is if the explanation from about how to delete friends in PUBG is equipped with terms and conditions. Hopefully the above discussion can be used as a reference when you want to permanently delete friends in the PUBG Mobile game.