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11 Android Games That Can Get Married And Have Children Offline 2022

Android Games That Can Get Married And Have Children Offline – Playing games is the most fun way to fill spare time or relieve boredom. Plus, there are currently many offline Android games with genres and stories that can be obtained for free through the Google Playstore.

One type of game genre that is currently in great demand by many people is offline Android games where you can get married and have children. Because this type of simulation game has a fairly complicated storyline.

Not only in the real world, Android games where you can get married and have children offline can also be played in the game. In addition, players are also asked to manage finances so that they can meet the daily needs of their families.

To find out what Android games can be married and have children offline. This time Ulingame will share a list of games that can get married and have children below.

Offline Android Game Married & Have Kids

There are various types of offline Android game choices that you can get married and have children to play. Here, Ulingame has summarized 11 choices of games that can be married and have children that can be played offline below.

1. Sakura School Simulator

Sakura School Simulator

The first Android game that can get married and have children offline or online by the Ulingame version is Sakura School Simulator which is currently very popular and is included in the list of the best and trending games on Youtube.

This Android game carries the life of Japanese culture, the most exciting thing in Sakura School Simulator is that you can do any activity like humans, such as eating, drinking, socializing, making friends, communicating with other people at school and getting married to having children.

Before getting married, the players are required to fulfill several terms and conditions in order to get married. Well in the previous article, Ulingame has summarized HOW TO MARRIAGE and have a child in Sakura School Simulator that you can follow when you get married.

2. Harvest Moon Series

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon is a life simulation game where the players are farmers who can interact with NPCs in the Harvest Moon game. Almost all the activities that you live like real, for example, such as gardening, fishing and being able to get married and have children.

In the Harvest Moon game, there are several choices of female characters who are often referred to as Bachelors. So that in some series you can have children. You can play this game on Android devices offline or online.

3. Rune Factory Series

Rune Factory Series

This Android game is not far from the Harvest Moon game. Because the game developers are the same, namely Natsume, Victor Interactive Software and Marvelous Entertainment. The Rune Factory game carries a game wrapped in an RPG system that allows players to hunt and fight in this game like the Monster Hunter game.

In addition, you can live a social life that must be implemented in this game, because, if you are good with them then you can get special items that are not sold in stores and can get married.

4. The Sims

The Sims Android Game That Can Get Married And Have Children Offline

The next Android game is known as the game that can marry the best life simulation. For now, The Sims game is a game that has realistic graphics and has various features that users can try.

In order to be able to do The Sims marriage, players can chat with other characters to be liked so that the progress of their proximity is getting closer to 100%. There are 2 indicators of the couple almost touching the 100% number, later you can apply and then get married.

5. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

Furthermore, a farming simulation game that is no less cool than other games is Stardew Valley. This Android game has presented pixelate graphics with colors that will spoil the eyes of its users.

In addition, Stardew Valley has provided a variety of cool features, such as getting married, mining, exterminating monsters and driving a bus to move cities offline.

6. Virtual Families

Virtual Families Android Game That Can Get Married And Have Children Offline

Another Android game that can get married and have children offline is Virtual Families. This game carries almost the same theme and mechanism, but is accompanied by improvements in several aspects, such as a softer and neater visual design.

In Virtual Families you will be taken to enjoy a storyline about the formation of a new family. The players are required to decorate the house as attractive as possible like the real world. There is also a wedding session when the character is undergoing offspring.

7. Virtual Villagers

Virtual Villagers

This offline Android game is the best version of the Android game and can be played on PC too. Virtual Villagers is a life simulation game that is played on offline Android devices and the size of this application is not too big but has very cool gameplay, because it can build a village.

8. Avikin Life

Avikin Life Android Game That Can Get Married And Have Children Offline

In the Avikin Life game, you can meet and communicate with new users, so you can meet your girlfriend in the virtual world. Avikin Life has provided several spots that are different from other games and interesting of course. In this game, you can build a private apartment that you can use after getting married.

9. Tomodachi Life

Tomodachi Life

Tomodachi Life is an offline simulation game with the same life as The Sims, but this game has its own characteristics ranging from characters and gameplay that have made Nintendo original.

In the Tomodachi Life game, you can marry NPCs like other simulation games, but with funny and strange characters. You can play this game online or portable.

10. Newlyweds Couple Happy Family

Newlyweds Couple Happy Family

This offline Android game, which can get married and have children, begins with the main character who has plans to marry and proposes to his idol. You will be asked to buy a ring to propose with several options available in the game. Then, the user has to buy a wedding dress and prepare for domestic life and have children who become a happy family.

11. Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy Xiv Android Game That Can Get Married And Have Children Offline

Finally, there is an offline Android game where you can get married and have children, Final Fantasy XIV. In this game, users can choose a wedding date. In addition, players are required to pay the wedding fee according to the package provided in the game.

There are 3 packages that you can choose from, the Standard Plan with simple decorations (free), the second is the Gold Plan, the wedding package at a price of $20, then the third is the Platinum Plan at a rate of $40 with super special decorations.

The final word

That’s the list of 11 Android games that you can get married and have children, the offline version of Ulingame that you can play. Of course, by playing the game above you will feel the sensation of playing offline games but like in the real world. So many references from Ulingame, hopefully it can be useful and add references to playing offline games that can have children.