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How to Change Higgs Domino’s Password

How to Change Higgs Domino’s Password – Higgs Domino’s online mobile game is on the rise and has become popular since 2022. Because of the many enthusiasts, this game has become very familiar and many smartphone users have downloaded it.

The developer continues to make updates to the Higgs Domino game application, until now this online game has become one of the popular applications on the Playstore. The old version of Higgs Domio or the new version of Higgs Domino still has the characteristic design and appearance of the game that is simple but interesting to play.

Taking a tropical theme, Higgs Domino is able to make the playing atmosphere more relaxed and more fun. It is thanks to this cool theme that finally makes many users play Higgs Domino.

But, what if the Higgs Domino that you’ve been playing all this time suddenly has a password problem? Don’t worry, here’s what Ulingame has prepared in full regarding how to change the Higgs Domino password below.

Change password Via Domino’s Official Website

If you want to change the Higgs Domino password, the first thing you have to do is open the Higgs Domino official website page. If it works, just go to how to change the password below.

  1. Click the login button.
    Go to the Higgs Domino 1 website
  2. Press the forgot password button.
  3. After the display above, you are asked to fill in the required information data.
  4. Enter the game id and the new active mobile number.
  5. Click the “get” button to get a verification code.
  6. Enter the verification code sent via SMS to your mobile number.
  7. Create a new password after that confirm.
  8. Click the send button.

Change Password Via Domino Application

In addition to changing the password on the official Higgs Domino website, you can also change the password through the Higgs Domino application. Actually, for security and avoiding the risk of being hacked, this second method will be safer and better of course. For how to change Domino’s password via the application, it’s quite easy, you just see the article below until the end.

  1. The first step is to open the Higgs Domino application.
  2. Then press Forgot Higgs Domino visitor account ID.
  3. For forgetting your Higgs Domino account email ID it will automatically connect to your cellphone (with a note that your cellphone has never been factory reset).
  4. Usually, the Higgs Domino game ID will be directly connected to the main active mobile number and email.

How to Change Password Higgs Domino Facebook Account

If you have connected your Higgs Domino account with your Facebook account, then you can follow the steps below to change your password easily.

  1. Enter the browser and visit this website Higgs Domino.
    Go to Higgs Domino's Website
  2. After that, press the login button.
  3. Click forgot password at the bottom left of the screen.
    Press Forgot Password
  4. In this list, fill in all the required data. Make sure you remember the ID and use the registered mobile number to get the verification code.
  5. Enter the new password that will be used to log into Higgs Domino.
    Forum Contents
  6. If everything is filled in, then press the send button below.
  7. Open the Higgs Domini game on your cellphone.
  8. Press login ID. After that enter the new ID and password that has been changed. Then press the define button.
  9. Done, you can login again using your Higgs Domino account.

How to Change Higgs Domino’s Password Without a Mobile Number

How to Change Higgs Domino's Password Without a Cellphone Number

Many players are confused when they want to change their password but forget the cellphone number associated with the Higgs Domino account.

Unfortunately, at this time there is still no way to change the Domino password without using the HP number that Ulingame found and succeeded in doing. Therefore, Ulingame reminds that every Domino player must link a FB account and an active mobile number to increase account security.

Besides being useful for logging in from any device, associating a game account with Facebook and a cellphone number is also very important to keep your account from being hacked.

How to Reset Higgs Domino Password With Email

How to Reset Higgs Domino Password With Email

In addition, many users are also curious about how to replace Domino’s email with email. Can you do it this way?

The answer can’t. Until now, there is no way to change Domino’s password using email, including the Facebook email you used in the game. As Ulingame discussed above, the account you use to play for this money must be linked to a Facebook account and an active cellphone number.

The final word

Thus the discussion on how to change the Ulingame version of the Higgs Domino password that you can try when you want to change your Higgs Domino password. You can use this method for Facebook accounts and visitor accounts. Hopefully it can be useful so you don’t lose access to the game you are currently playing.