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10 Ways to Change Valorant Nickname & Tagline for Free 2022

How to Change Nickname Valorant – Valorant is an online game with the FPS genre which is currently on the rise, developed and published by Riot Games. Valorant has been on the rise because of its gameplay and graphics which are quite pleasing to the eye. So many other professional FPS game players have moved to Valorant.

In an online game, of course, you have an identity that is often referred to as an in-game name or nickname. So that players can more easily invite or play together with friends. Most players make nicknames usually don’t use their real names, but more often use cool names, actors, characters, COUPLE NAME and a few players use their real names according to their identities.

On this occasion, Ulingame will discuss how to easily change Valorant’s nickname. Usually a player will change his nickname if he feels bored or wants to be known as a new name. So there are lots of games that require players to pay if they want to change the nickname in the game.

But the good news is Valorant doesn’t enforce such a thing. In Valorant players freely change nicknames without spending any money. If you don’t know how to change Riot games’ Valorant nickname, you can read the article below to the end.

How to Change Nickname Valorant

Valorant 1

Valorant is arguably a new FPS online game and there are still many players who don’t know how to set up a Valorant account and so on. Especially players who have never played Valorant. Of course it will be very confusing and must be found out first. Here’s how to change the Valorant nickname easily and for free.

1. Login Riot Account

Login ID Riot

Login to your Riot Games account on the link here use the riot account that you already have.

After successfully logging in, then press the Riot ID menu.

3. Change Nickname

Then you will see a forum to change a new nickname and a tag that you can fill in with a combination of numbers according to your own wishes.

Change Nickname And Submit

4. Press the Submit button

Change your riot account nickname and tag as desired. After filling in, press the submit button.

5. AutoSaved Nickname Changes

Then the nickname and tag changes will be saved automatically.

6. Login Game Valorant

Login Valorant

Log in to Valorant using the account that you changed the nickname earlier to confirm whether the nickname and tag have been completely changed.

7. How to Change Nickname Done

If the nickname has been changed, it’s a sign that you have successfully changed the Valorant nickname.

This nickname change feature can be used once in a period of 30 days. Make sure the nickname you use is the nickname you really want, if not then you wait long enough to change the next nickname.

The nickname change feature is still free so far but you don’t know if there will be a paid system in the future or not because based on other Riot Games games, players have to use credits to change nicknames.

Tips Before Changing Nickname

Talking about tips, of course it has something to do with the points above. Players must prepare the best name, COOL NAMES & MEANINGS. This must be considered carefully because otherwise you will have to wait for another month to replace it.

Players can also see some name recommendations that Ulingame has recommended for free. You can use it to make it easier.

The final word

Those are some things you should know about how to change the Valorant nickname and some other information related to the version. You can apply the above method to make playing Valorant more exciting. May be useful.