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How to Live Streaming PUBG on FB 2022: PC & Smartphone

How to Live Streaming PUBG on FB – PUBG Mobile is one of the online games that is currently booming, especially among millennials. PUBG, which used to be only played on computers, is now officially available on mobile devices such as Android and iPhone with stunning graphics.

If you are a PUBG game fan, you may have seen a live broadcast or live streaming of PUBG on Facebook, Youtube or Nimotv. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube and Nimotv are now being used by players to gain popularity. An example of one of them is by sharing a live stream when playing PUBG.

Sharing your PUBG game on Facebook is actually quite difficult to do. How to live stream PUBG on FB requires several supporting applications for live streaming when starting the PUBG game.

Until now, Facebook does not have its own device that can be used for live streaming. However, to help you show PUBG games on FB, just go to the method below.

Facebook Video Game Streaming

Facebook Video Game Streaming

Game streaming on Facebook allows players to share their gaming experiences with friends, other people, followers and fans. Before starting live streaming, prepare first video game creator page. After that select the encoder.

Using a dedicated encoder tool like Wowza ClearCaster will give you the most reliable streaming. If you don’t have the tool encoder, other software encoders that you can download are OBS, Elgato, Nvidia Geforce Experience & AMD Relive. Note: If you download and use a software encoder, make sure to run only the necessary software on your machine for an optimal streaming experience.

How to Live Streaming PUBG on FB

In the following, Ulingame will explain how to make PUBG live broadcasts via smartphones. Make sure you pay attention to the method below correctly so you can do it.

  1. The first step is to first install the Omlet Arcade application on the Playstore.
  2. Open Omlet Arcade and go straight to registering a new account.
  3. After successfully registering, the next step will be directed to the main page. Press menu Go Live to broadcast live.
    Select Game Pubg 1
  4. Next, choose what games to play during live streaming. For example, please select PUBG Mobile.
    Choose Platform
  5. After that it will be directed to the platform recovery stage. Several social media platforms to choose from include Facebook, Youtube and the Omlet Arcade streaming service. If you want to choose FB, you must first login to FB to use.
    Omlet Settings
  6. Next is the broadcast setting stage. Later players can enter the broadcast title, description, activate the camera, microphone, video quality and many others. After setting up, press the next button to continue.
    Start Now Streaming
  7. When a pop-up screen appears Omlet Arcade will start capturing whatever is displayed on the smartphone screen, just press the button From now on to start live
  8. Well, you’ve managed to do a live stream. For how to stop broadcasting, press the circle icon (Omlet Arcade icon) and select Stop.

PUBG Live Streaming Application on FB

There are several other ways beyond the steps described above. You can use other applications. To get the streaming key, Ulingame has prepared several application recommendations. Just take a look at the reviews below.

OBS Studio

Obs Studio

The OBS Studio application has been widely used, especially in live streaming games. One of them is playing PUBG. The OBG application is very friendly when run on Linux, Mac or Windows.

To download the application, you can directly visit the official site OBS Project. If you have successfully installed OBS, just run it by pressing File and do the settings. There players will find options Stream tab.

The next step is to change the service to FB live. Then, players just enter the streaming key. Then just apply as a sign that you agree to do the settings.

To activate your face screen when doing live streaming, there is a separate way. The task of the player is only to add the scene in the lower left corner. Then, select the source. Press the plus button and select to add Windows Capture.

By doing this, the effect can record gameplay while playing PUBG. Several steps have been taken and now it’s time to try streaming. The method is quite easy, in the right corner, there is a button to start live streaming.

Elgato Game Capture HD


Elgato is almost the same as OBS, the only difference is that the Elgato application requires other hardware to support streaming. The result will be different between using computer 1 and computer 2.

The resources for this Elgato are quite large. You must be using 2 computers. One is for playing PUBG and the other is Elgato installed so that the streaming quality is better.

For a very easy method, in the lower corner of the application, you can first search for the button Live. Press the button then you will be directed to FB. When the login option appears, then just log in and post wherever you want.

Nvidia Geforce Experience & AMD Relive

Nvidia Geforce Experience AMD Relive

The Nvidia application is different from the others in that it can be seen in terms of the graphics that have been served. How to start live streaming with Nvidia, on the keyboard you can press the ALT + Z keys.

This function can bring up the GeForce Experience Share Overlay. Is the way to do that is connecting to FB. If already connected, press the button Broadcast Start. You can already live stream PUBG.

The final word

That’s the complete way of doing PUBG live streaming on FB version of that you can try easily via a computer or smartphone. When doing live streaming, make sure the smartphone you are using has sufficient RAM and a stable signal. So that streaming shows are free from tearing and the results will be smooth.