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10 Ways to Change PS3 Save Data Region

How to Change PS3 Save Data Region – On this occasion Uligname will share information about how to change the Save Data region on PS3. The goal, because most PS3 game lovers want to play instantly. One of them is using cheats.

By using cheats, players don’t have to bother to finish the game from the start. Instead of you guys busy looking for cheats every time you play PS3, it would be nice to save data, how to change the PS3 save data region is quite easy.

However, not a few PS3 users do not know how to change the save data region on the PS3. Of course, using save data can make it easier for you when playing.

Then how to change the PS3 save data region? Therefore, Ulingame has summarized the procedure for changing the region and how to check the region, for details, please refer to the following review.

How to Save PS3 Region Data

Ulingame has prepared 2 ways to change the save data region, namely how to save PS3 data and how to change the region. Well, the first method we will discuss first is how to save PS3 data below.

  1. The first step, please download and install first Bruteforce Save Data.
  2. After that, save the data from the PS3 console via XMB and then to the USB / External HDD.
  3. Then unplug the USB from the PS3 console and plug it into your PC or Laptop.
  4. Later there will be a PS3 folder or save data and in that folder there will be save data that has been copied. For example, changing the save data of ninokuni from the European region to the United States region, namely BLES01555_00001.
  5. Please open and run Bruteforce Save Data and make sure that Use Data Alignment is selected and press the “…” button, then select save user data to select the BLES folder.
    Download Bruteforce
  6. Select the game to save data, then right click and select Change Title ID Region.
    Right Click For Key
  7. Next, you are asked to change the id on the display to the United States region (BLUS30947). If you don’t understand the game region ID, please play the US game first, then save and transfer the save data at number 2 to see the ID.
    Change Id Region How to Change PS3 Save Data Region
  8. Then it will look like the image above. If the key is still empty, right-click and select Bruteforce so you can get the key.
  9. The next step click CTRL + T then use param.sfo as a template.
  10. Select the Verify PFD button, then the previous folder method containing the US data folder.
    Verify Pfd
  11. Just delete the European save data from the USB so you don’t get confused when you want to copy data to the PS3.
  12. Disconnect the USB cable from the PC and plug it into the PS3.
  13. Copy save data via USB to PS3 in XMB.
  14. Finally, please run the game then try to save your data. Done.

How to Create & Change Region

In order to be able to change the region on the PS3 you have to create a new account, because Sony does not provide a region change feature. For readers who are already curious, please read the following procedure.

  1. The first step please open the PS3 device.
  2. To create a new PSN Network account on PS3, please exit the account first then select Create New User.
    Create New Account
  3. Then select New Username. You need to remember, this account does not have to be the same as the account name of your choice.
    Select Create New User
  4. Log in with a new account.
  5. Then enter, select the icon PlayStation Network which is in the XMB section then select Sign Up.
    Playstation Features How to Change PS3 Save Data Region
  6. In the next screen please select Create A New Account (New Users).
  7. Select the country where the user lives. With the addition of entering the date of birth.
    Enter Country and Date of Birth
  8. The user must first agree to the existing agreement and enter an active Email address. Using Email as an alternative way to an old account that is already linked to PSN.
    Enter Password And Confirm
  9. Then proceed by entering the Password and Confirm Password again. The password consists of 8 characters and is combined with a minimum number of 1.
  10. Create a PlayStation Network ID with a username. Keep in mind, you have to fill in the postal code associated with the selected region if you want to unlock it.

How to Check PS3 Region

In order to be able to find out the region on the PS3 device, you can find out the region that you have changed before by following the method below.

  1. First of all please select mutliman. Like the image below.
    Select Multiman Menu
  2. Then open the game list, then make sure the game you want to know the region for. Example as in the picture.
  3. The next step is to click the box in the joystick section and it will open.
    Region Will Be Detected How to Change PS3 Save Data Region
  4. You can see the game region that you have changed, for example the image above the game has a Blouse region.

The final word

That’s the information that Ulingame can provide about how to change the PS3 save data region along with how to create a new PSN account and how to check game regions. Hopefully it can be useful and help PS3 game lovers to change the save data region.

Thank you for visiting the Ulingame article and look forward to more information about online and offline games.