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7 Differences PS4 2022 Game Region

PS4 Game Region Differences – For PlayStation fans, of course you must know what a gaming region is. Information about different game regions is very important for you before creating a PlayStation Network (PSN Card) account.

In addition, if you want to buy Indonesian PSN, users must know the difference between the PS4 game region codes so they are not confused with other countries’ regions.

The PS4 game region itself can be seen from the Blu-ray box section. Well, in the PlayStation PS4 the game region has been divided into 6 parts and users must know the differences in the respective PS4 game regions.

Therefore, on this occasion Ulingame will share complete information about the different PS4 game regions before buying them. For more detailed information, please read the following article.

PS4 Game Region Differences

PS Game Region Differences

There are many PS4 users who are wondering what is a region code? Is it important to know the difference in region codes? Knowing the regional differences is very important on PS4 devices, because it can trigger problems with payment methods, such as gift cards or credit cards. Well, Ulingame will briefly explain the differences between the PS4 game regions.

Then how to find out the difference between PS4 game regions? The difference between the game regions on PS4 has been divided into 6 parts, including:

Region 1

For the first region, players can see from the front cover of the game it can be seen from the rating system used. For the United States, there is a difference, namely with the ESRB rating system there is no age number, but there is only a difference in the category labeled Teen, Everyone and Adult only.

You can see the code on the side of the game, namely CUSA or on the back cover with the number 1.

Region 2

Next, for reg 2 games using the PEGI rating system, you must fill in the appropriate age number, the goal is to be able to play the game.

You can see on the side of the European region using the CUSA code and the numbers below it. Region 2 can also be used for distribution games from Japan and the difference is that this game uses Japanese such as cover to the in-game language.

Region 2 CERO

Region 2 Cero is a regional distribution from Japan (JP)

Region 3

For the Asian region, there is a difference in the number 3 or ALL on the back of the game cover. However, this symbol is not the initial benchmark to determine a game region.

In some cases, there are regional 3 games that have the same cover as the US region. To overcome this uncertainty, users can look on the side of the cover in question. The code reads PCAS and PLAS, it indicates that the code has the last letter US, it can be ascertained from the Asian region.

Region 4

The difference in region 4 from other regions is certainly not far from the PS4 engine and the language in the game. Region 4 is the distribution of Australia (AU)

Region All: Region All is usually taken from one of the regions above, you can usually see it from the symbol rate used.

Each country has its own sales distribution region code, so what makes a difference in a region code?

PS4 Machine

Ps4 Machine

You can usually find regional differences on the cover from the warranty, for example, if you buy an Asian PS4, then if you have a problem you can service it at Sony Indonesia. It’s different if you buy a PS4 in the European region, then you have to send the PS4 to the European region.

Now for those of you who are curious about which PS4 region, please check in the box and look for specifications, look for the words CUH-1006A (for example). CUH means PS4 Fat / PS4 Pro / Slim Retail machine code. 06 It means the Indonesian region (for the Japan region 00, USA 01, 03 UK). Finally, for the meaning of A, the size of the PS4 hard drive (A: 500GB, B: 1TB).

PS4 Latest Engine Region Update

00 – Country Japan (JP)
01/15 – Regional US, Canada (North America) (US)
02 – Country Australia / New Zealand (Oceania) (AU)
03 – Country UK / Ireland (UK)
04 – Regional Europe / Middle East / Africa (EU)
05 – Country Korea (South Korea) (KR)
06 – Countries Southeast Asia (Indonesia / Malaysia / Philippines / Singapore / Thailand )
18 – Country Hong Kong (SA) / Indonesia (game bundle)
07 – Country Taiwan (TW)
08 – Regional Russia, Ukraine, India, Central Asia (RU)
09 – Mainland China (CN)
10 – Unreleased
11/14 – Country Mexico, Central America, South America (mx)

Region ID PSN

Dcl Psn Id

Actually, the region ID affects the game content in the PSN (PlayStation Network) and the DLC that you can play in the game.

DLC is additional content in the game, DLC can be in the form of costumes, characters, weapons, accessories and additional stories. When a user buys a game, try to match the region between the Blu-ray cassette and the destination ID to make it easier to claim the DLC code. Although it’s not really a problem if you have several IDs with different regions.

Game Region

PS4 Region Games

Regions do not affect the content or gameplay of the games that you will play, all regions have the same game content, but the difference is only the default from the book, the manual in the Blu-ray box.

The final word

A few explanations from Ulingame regarding the differences in the complete PS4 game region and the division of regions. Hopefully the information above can help PS4 users know more clearly about regional differences so they don’t have problems with payments or other things.