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Walker Scobell Starring in Disney+ Series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Child actor Walker Scobell is officially lined up by Disney+ to become the main character in his latest series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Little chili peppers, guys!

For those who don’t know, Walker Scobell is a 13-year-old child actor whose name became known since he starred in the film The Adam Project (2022). In the film, he played the younger version of Adam (Ryan Reynolds).

After the success of the film, now Scobell is back to continue his adventure in the world of cinema by becoming the main character in the latest Disney+ series entitled Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Walker Scobell Will Be in New Disney+ Series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians

This news was obtained after the account Twitter Percy Jackson and the Olympians officially announced that Walker Scobell was one of the actors selected to appear in the film.

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Responding to the tweet, Scobell replied with one word, “Honored”.

The Percy Jackson and The Olympians series is an adaptation of Rick Riordan’s book series of the same name. Walker Scobell became a big fan of the book.

In the book version, Percy Jackson and The Olympians tells the story of a boy who accidentally has supernatural powers. However, he gets into trouble when Zeus accuses him of taking the power he has had.

As a result, the boy must go to Olympus to find out what has happened to him and the power that has lodged within his body.

Walker Scobell Percy Jackson
Photo: JoBlo

Rick Riordan, the author of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, said that Scobell was perfect for the role in the series, because he met all the criteria required by the series.

“We were lucky enough to audition Walker a few months before the film (The Adam Project) came out, but the film only confirms what we already know about his talent,” said Rick Riordan.

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It is not yet known when production for the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series will begin. However, there are sources nearby who say if this series will start working at least at the end of 2022.