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Sam Elliot apologizes for his scathing criticism of The Power of the Dog

Actor Sam Elliot has finally apologized for his scathing criticism for the film The Power of the Dog. He admitted that his comments hurt certain parties.

Samuel Pack “Sam” Elliott is an American actor who is best known for his role as Lee Scoresby in the 2007 film The Golden Compass. In addition, he has also starred in the films The Alibi, We Were Soldiers and Pretty When You Cry.

Recently, the legendary actor who was born on August 9, 1944 made a very controversial comment regarding the film starring Bennedict Cumberbatch, namely The Power of the Dog.

His Criticism of The Power of the Dog is Exaggerated, Sam Elliot Finally Apologizes

While speaking with Marc Maron on the WTF Podcast, the 77-year-old actor openly expressed his frustration with The Power of the Dog film for bringing an element of homosexuality throughout the film.

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“That’s what all the cowboys in the movie are like,” Elliot said detikHOT.

“They were running around in their leather pants and no shirts. There are all elements of homosexuality throughout this **** movie. Where is the western (style) in this Western film?” he continued.

Unexpectedly, his comments went viral and received criticism from various parties. They said that Elliot’s criticism was too exaggerated and inclined offensive.

Sam Elliot Sorry
Photo: Yahoo Movies UK

Realizing this, Sam Elliot finally apologized to those who had been offended by his words, especially the gay community around the world.

“When I tried to tell the podcast host how I felt about the film, I didn’t articulate it very well,” Elliot said at the Deadline Contenders festival.

“I said some things that hurt people. And I feel bad about it. The gay community has done incredible things throughout my career – and I mean my entire career, from before I started in this city.” he added.

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“Friends at every level, in every job description. To this day, with my agent, my best friend and my agent for several years. And I’m sorry for hurting one of those friends. And someone I love. And anyone, with the words I use,” concluded Elliot.