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Tutorial How to Install and Play PSP Games on Android Phones

How to Play PSP on an Android Phone

PSP, which stands for PlayStation Portable, is a game console that is quite popular among gamers. But over time, the PSP began to be forgotten because there were many games that appeared that presented amazing graphics and seemed more real.

However, not a few PSP game fans feel homesick and want to return to playing PSP games. However, due to various obstacles such as not having a PSP device, many of them gave up their intention.

But don’t worry, the rapid development in the mobile world today, especially Android, makes developers create various Android applications, one of which is the PSP emulator application for Android. With this application, you can play PSP games through your Android phone easily.

Well, in this article BugisTekno will share a tutorial on how to play PSP games on Android phones using the PPSSPP emulator, for that, just take a look at the following review.

How to Install and Play PSP Games on Android Phones

1. Download PSP Emulator

The first step you have to do is download the PSP emulator application on your Android phone. Actually there are many PSP emulator applications for Android, but in this tutorial the admin recommends you use the PPSSPP emulator because this application is fairly smooth and no errors were found.

Well, to download this emulator application you can do it through the PlayStore or through this link Download the PPSSPP Emulator.

2. Install and Open the PPSSPP Application

After you install and open the PPSSPP emulator application, until here you still can’t play the PSP game. You have to download the game file again to play on your Android through this emulator, because this emulator application only acts as a medium to run the game.

3. Download the Game File

To be able to play PSP games, you have to download the PSP game files which are usually in the (.iso) format. To download the PSP game files, you can visit the website

On the website, there are many PSP game files, all you have to do is choose which game you want to play. Starting from the game Grand Theft Auto, Dragon Ball Z, Assassins Creed, Tekken 6, Mortal Kombat, FIFA Street 2 and many other games.

Here are the steps on how to download PSP game files from the website:

  • Open browser/chrome on your Android phone, then visit the website
  • Once open, scroll down and select menu Top 25 Downloads to see a list of the most downloaded PSP games.
  • On the menu, please select one of the PSP games that you want to download.
  • After the download page opens, please scroll down again until you find the button Download Nowthen all you have to do is wait until the download is complete.

4. Extract the Game File

Since the PSP game file that you downloaded is still a file (.zip), then you have to extract it first to be able to play it. To extract the game files, you need the help of a file extracting application called 7Zipper. You can download the application on the PlayStore or via this link Download 7Zipper.

Here are the steps to extract the PSP game file that is still in the form (.zip):

  • Open the 7Zipper application that you downloaded.
  • Look for game files that are still .zipped through the 7Zipper application.
  • After finding it, click the game file and select OK.
  • Wait a few moments until the file is finished extracting.

After you have extracted the PSP game files, it would be nice to save the extracted PSP game files in a special folder. For example, you create a special folder for the list of PSP games so that later you don’t have to bother looking for game files and of course to make it look neater.

5. Open and Play the Game

After the game file extract process is complete, make sure you know where the game file folder is. Then open the emulator app PPSSPP then look for the game folder that you extracted earlier. If you have found it, just click on the game icon.

Done, that way you have successfully played PSP games via Android phones. To feel the real pleasure of playing PSP games via an Android cellphone, the admin recommends that you use a joystick or a special Android game stick such as an ipega joystick that is connected via bluetooth.

Well, maybe this article is about a tutorial on how to install and play PSP games on Android smartphones. Hopefully useful and good luck.