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How to Record Screen While Playing Games on Android Phones

How to Record Screen While Playing Games on Android

Recording screen activity while playing games on Android phones can now be done easily. Everyone wants to record activity while playing a game to share tips or tutorials on the game he is playing.

Many YouTubers currently take advantage of their expertise in playing games and then upload their recordings to be watched by other gamers as a reference or learning.

Besides that, of course, youtubers will also make money from the video games they upload to youtube, one of which is the popular Mobile Legends game, which is currently played and recorded to earn money.

Well, if you are a professional gamer, but don’t know how to record the screen while playing games on Android. Take it easy, because the following admin will discuss this step by step. Therefore, just take a look at the full review below.

How to Record Screen While Playing Games on Android

To record Android screen while playing games, first of all you need an application that is able to record all activities on the Android smartphone screen. These applications are generally called screen recorder applications.

Of the many screen recorder applications, in this tutorial the admin uses the XRecorder application which you can download for free on the Play Store.

So, for the steps on how to use it, please follow these steps:

  • Download the XRecorder application available on the Play Store, then install it as usual.
  • Then open the application, then tap Settings in the lower right corner.
  • On the menu Video Settings, please select the resolution or video quality that suits your needs. The higher the resolution, the clearer the video results, but the video size will also be large.
  • On the menu Audio Configurationyou can select Internal Audio to capture the sound of the game, then Microphone to capture your voice if you want to talk while playing.
  • For settings Orientationjust adjust it to the game you are playing.
  • If everything is set correctly, then tap the button Round Red on the floating menu.
  • Next, please enter the game you want to record, for example Mobile Legends, and start playing.
  • To stop the recording process, you open the menu bar then click the icon Stop it.

Now you can see the recorded video of the game you have played which will be stored in the Android gallery. Not only Mobile Legends, you can also record while playing other games, be it PUBG Mobile, Higgs Domino or other games.

Well, that was an explanation of how to record the screen while playing games on an Android smartphone. Hopefully useful and good luck.