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Tips for Rank 1 Event Diamond 11.11 Mobile Legends

Tips for Rank 1 Diamond Mobile Legends Event

Want to get rank 1 on the 11.11 Mobile Legend diamond event promo? Immediately, let’s see the following review.

The 11.11 Mobile Legends diamond event promo is a new event that is here to provide an opportunity for every player to win a number of diamonds for free.

The system of this event, you will compete with five players randomly to collect the highest points, the rank with the highest points of course will get more diamond prizes.

Well, if you find it difficult to collect points, this time BugisTekno will share some tips. Therefore, just take a look at the following reviews.

Tips for Winning Rank 1 Diamond Mobile Legends Event

1. Diligently Login Every Day

Every day, you can claim a certain number of points to increase the points you collect. Therefore, you are required to log in every day during reset to claim additional points.

2. Barter Help with Friends

In addition to logging in, the mission that you can do to get points is to ask friends for help. Well, if you find it difficult to get help, then you can make an appointment with friends to exchange help.

Because the number to help is limited to only five, then try to make sure the five you help also help you in this event.

Then, request for help for 30 opportunities, you should also send it to your closest friends so that you have a great chance to get help.

3. Requesting Help from System Cracks

Maybe some of you still don’t know that there is a system loophole to ask for help from this event. Yep, so not only on your friends list, you can also ask for event assistance via public chat.

The way is by entering the code #SubType# -210- then send on global chat using Small Horn. That way, you have the opportunity to get help from the public and increase your points.

After you reach rank 1, you can immediately receive the prize. The diamond prize in this event is a yellow diamond. Even so, you can also use it to buy skins or other things.

But remember, don’t let this diamond have a time limit, so when you get the prize don’t forget to exchange it immediately before the event ends.

Well, if that’s enough of the reviews this time about tips for getting first rank on the Mobile Legends diamond event promo. May be useful.