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5 Ways to Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends

How to Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends

Want mobile legends diamonds for free? Of course yes, who doesn’t want free diamonds. Alright, in this review BugisTekno will explain several ways.

We know diamond is a medium of exchange that we can use to buy items in the mobile legends game, such as skins, emoticons and other items. In playing mobile legends, in fact we are not required to wear skins or anything else.

It’s just that most mobile legends players feel more enthusiastic and confident when wearing cool skins and items. Therefore, they need diamond mobile legends to buy these items.

Basically, we can get diamond mobile legends by buying it. However, for those of you who don’t want to spend money just for games, don’t worry, because there are also ways we can do to get diamonds for free.

How to Get Free ML Diamonds

1. Join the Tournament

The more popular mobile legends are, now more and more tournaments are being held in various regions that award diamonds to the winners.

Moreover, we can participate in regional tournaments at no cost or free. The only requirement is that you have an ID card to indicate that you really live in the area. So, for those of you who want diamond mobile legends for free, then be diligent in participating in tournaments.

2. Participate in in-game events

Mobile legends always hold in-game events to give gifts to each player. Through this event feature, usually there will be tasks that we must complete to get prizes.

As in the previous event 515, all players have the opportunity to get yellow diamonds by completing various tasks. Then, then we can use the diamond to shop for free, be it skins or other items.

3. Enable Live Streaming Game

Next, to get diamond mobile legends for free, that is by activating the live streaming feature. Yep, this feature allows other users to watch you while playing.

When someone watches you, a gift feature will appear that people can use to send you gifts. Well, if the audience sends a gift, you can exchange the gift for diamonds.

To activate this live stream feature, please open the menu Live Streamthen select button My Live Channel in the upper right corner, then click Activate.

If you want to get a lot of diamonds, you have to get into the global top rankings or at least you can get a global top on certain heroes. That way, it has the potential that a lot of people will watch you.

4. Enter the Giveaway

There are lots of streamers, youtube channels and even on Instagram that hold giveaways with free diamond prizes. You can have the opportunity to get a large number of diamonds through this one tip.

Moreover, the method is very easy, usually you are only assigned to follow, share, or even comment by tagging friends and you will have the opportunity to get diamonds for free.

So, don’t forget to often open a youtube channel or social media account that smells like mobile legends on Instagram. Because there are lots of giveaways that you can enter.

5. Watch ML Tournaments

Getting diamonds for free is not as difficult as you might think. The proof, now that we only watch ML tournaments, we have the opportunity to get a number of diamonds for free.

Yep, every major tournament held by mobile legends always provides attractive prizes, ranging from skins to diamond mobile legends. For example, like the MSC tournament that is currently taking place.

All viewers have the opportunity to get diamond prizes through the redeem code that is distributed at one time. So, don’t miss the redeem code, usually the redeem code is distributed after the match is over.

Well, maybe that was the review on how to get free diamonds in mobile legends. Hopefully useful and good luck.