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TikTok Starts Trial Dislike Feature in Comments, When will it be Released?

TikTok is known to be testing the dislike feature in comments. Reportedly, this feature has been eagerly awaited by loyal TikTok users, to give a ‘dislike’ reaction to a comment written by another user.

As one of the applications that is being loved by many people, TikTok is always trying to bring updates so that the features in the application are more complete.

Now, the application developed by Toutiao and ByteDance is in the testing phase to bring a dislike feature which you can later find in the comments.

Dislike feature in comments is being tested by TikTok!

Reported TechCrunch, the presence of this feature can be used to give the impression of disliking a comment if it is irrelevant and inappropriate. Oh yes, this feature is private, guys, which means the author of the comment won’t know if his comment reaps a lot of dislikes.

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“We started testing ways to make it easier for individuals to identify comments they deem irrelevant and inappropriate,” TikTok wrote in its official statement, (14/4).

“This community feedback will add to the various factors we’ve used to help keep comments relevant and a place for real engagement,” he continued.

You can find this feature in the comments menu on a video, right next to the heart icon that you usually use to like comments from other users.

TikTok Features Dislike
Photo: Digital Information World

Remember, guys, the dislike feature uses a thumb-shaped icon pointing down and the number of dislikes you get from that comment will not be shown by TikTok.

If you click the icon, then TikTok will automatically conduct a further review of the comment. If it is proven wrong and violates the rules that have been set, then TikTok has the right to delete it.

“We will continue to remove comments that violate our community guidelines and content creators may continue to report comments or accounts for us to review,” TikTok said.

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It is not known when this feature will be released, because TikTok is still in the testing phase for some users in certain countries. So, let’s wait together, guys!