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Ramadan Edition Jeep Car Skin, Emerald Shimmer FF Free in This Mission!

Ramadan Edition Jeep Car Skin, Emerald Shimmer FF Free in This Mission!

Booyah Ngabuburit has officially become the next Free Fire (FF) event that replaces the role of the event that brought Free Fire collaboration with BTS, namely Gen FF.

Right from tomorrow, April 15, 2022, the Ramadan part 2 event will be the event that fills the next main event tab, while Gen FF will disappear with the prizes.

Just like other free events, Booyah Ramadan also gives players a number of free skin items with a special Ramadan theme this year. Nearby, you can get a Ramadan edition Jeep car skin.

Want to know how to get a Ramadan edition Jeep car skin titled Emerald Shimmer FF for free? Come on, see in the following article!

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Ramadan Emerald Shimmer FF Jeep Car Skin

Ramadan ff Jeep Car Skins
Source: Free Fire World

The Jeep car finally gets the chance to become one of the important skins in the Ramadan 2022 themed skin series.

The skin is titled Emerald Shimmer, where the skin appears with a dominant green name typical of this year’s Ramadan skin theme.

Of course, for those of you who like to use one of the mainstay vehicles to do this rotation, you must have this Ramadan Jeep Car skin, Spinners! Because you can get it for free.

The Jeep Emerald Shimmer skin and several other attractive prizes can be obtained by exchanging special tokens which will be present at Booyah Ngabuburit starting April 15, 2022.

Having the name Date Token, you can get it by completing various missions such as playing Clash Squad, Battle Royale, and various other missions that will be updated every day.

Here are a series of prizes that you can exchange in the event:

  • Jeep Emerald Shimmer: 40x Date Token
  • Green Power Backpack: 15x Date Token
  • Bloom of Luck: 5x Date Token
  • Spirited Overseers Weapon Loot Crate (limit: 5): 3x Date Token

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That’s information about how to get a free Ramadan Free Fire edition skin. Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for more information, and follow the account Instagram and Youtube we.