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This is the Next Free Fire Event Leak (FF) in April 2022!

This is the Next Free Fire Event Leak (FF) in April 2022!

The presence of a new event is always awaited by Free Fire (FF) players. In addition to playing the game, the event also provides free items and skins to players.

It doesn’t take much effort, players only need to complete a certain number of missions to get special prizes in the event.

Cool skin prizes in the form of bundles, gun skins, backpacks, and others, are not impossible to get for free. Currently, we are in the last week of the existence of an event that has accompanied us to welcome yesterday’s FF OB33 update.

Yep, according to the schedule, the March Update event will end soon, precisely on March 31, 2022. This means that Free Fire will have a new event that will bring attractive prizes in certain themes.

Curious about the leak of the next Free Fire (FF) event in April 2022? Come on, see the following information!

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FF April 2022 Event Leaks

To welcome the fasting month of Ramadan 1443 Hijriah, Garena released an interesting event titled Booyah Ramadan. This event will be coming to Free Fire soon with some cool free missions and prizes.

As reported by YouTube Kulgar, the event officially starts today, March 30, 2022. Where several missions and prizes can be obtained by players.

Several prizes such as bundles, backpacks, to various kinds of vouchers have been confirmed to be obtained by players quite easily.

In addition, of course there will be missions and other attractive prizes that accompany the lively month of Ramadan for all Muslims who carry out worship.

Come on, wait for the next information about the latest Booyah Ramadan event that will accompany us in the future along with the Free Fire collaboration event with BTS.

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That’s a leak about the latest Free Fire event that will be present after the March Update later. Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube our.