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PUBG Mobile Reportedly Can't Shoot Each Other at the Asian Games!

PUBG Mobile Reportedly Can’t Shoot Each Other at the Asian Games!

Surprisingly, news circulated that PUBG Mobile was not allowed to shoot when the game was being competed at the 2022 Asian Games.

This was first informed by media from South Korea, Money Today, which revealed that shootouts in PUBG Mobile were not allowed.

Interestingly, the regulation was made so as not to damage the harmonization between countries competing in the 2022 Asian Games.

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Just Test Driving & Shooting Skills

Reporting from Dot Esports, which has contacted Krafton directly, the Korean company finally gave a response.

“In keeping with the sportsmanship and vision of the Olympics, the Asian Games version of PUBG Mobile will integrate PUBG Mobile’s iconic gameplay and real-sport gaming experience, which we hope will bring the most unique excitement to our audience,” Krafton told Dot Esports.

This of course makes speculation about what match mode will be competed in PUBG Mobile Asian Games increasingly widespread.

One of these rumors is that there will be news circulating that PUBG Mobile will only compete for the driving and shooting abilities of the contestants.

The reason is, PUBG Mobile itself has just released many of the latest features in version 1.9, namely: shooting range and racing mode namely Cheer Park.

In this mode, players can practice on the shooting range to earn points based on their shooting accuracy.

While on racing modewill allow players to conduct one-on-one races with other players using vehicles available in PUBG Mobile differently.

However, this is of course still a rumor so the official decision is still awaited by the PUBG Mobile community in the world.

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