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This is the Complete Skill of the Blind Ksatriya Barda from the Ghost Cave in Lokapala!

This is the Complete Skill of the Blind Ksatriya Barda from the Ghost Cave in Lokapala!

Barda Si Blind from the Ghost Cave is a Lokapala Knight who has been present since July 15, 2022.

Ksatriya Barda is a knight who is present as a form of collaboration between PT Melon Indonesia as the publisher of the Lokapala game and Bumi Langit Entertainment.

In the game, the character Barda Mandrawata, which is the real name of Si Buta from the Ghost Cave, has the same appearance as depicted in the 1967 comic, where he wears a green robe that is the scales of the giant snake of the guardian of the Ghost Cave.

Barda has 3 skills active and 1 skills passive that can be played by players when using the Blind Man character from this Ghost Cave.

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Passive Skill: Earth Balled Stone

Photo via Lokapala

Skills passive is a character’s ability that can continue to be used without needing to be activated. Barda’s monkey, Kliwon, will scream and signal Barda even if there is an opponent that is not visible or hiding.

That way Barda will always know whether there are enemies around her or not. By looking at Barda’s voice, he will always know the enemy’s position.

Skill 1: Monkey Mask

Photo via: Lokapala

Barda will tell Kliwon to attack in the specified direction, dealing 250 damage (+80% AD) and taking the opponent’s weapon (not applicable to Minions). Opponents affected by this skill cannot use basic attacks for 2 seconds and are affected by a slow effect of -30% for 2 seconds.

Skills this will make the opponent unable to attack for a few seconds, and is very suitable when you are going to war.

Skill 2: Angel Eyes

Photo via: Lokapala

Barda will move directly near the enemy, giving damage 150 (+80% AD) and increases attack speed by 30% for 2 seconds.

Skills this will be very useful if you use it to chase opponents, or run away by using buff the speed you get.

Ultimate Skill: Three Slashes

Photo via: Lokapala

Barda can charge forward up to 3 times and slash 200 (+80% AD) damage at the end and leave a trail.

When you have done 3 slashes and slashes, the traces will be connected to each other to form a triangle. After the triangle is formed, the slashes converge to the center dealing 600 (+80% AD) damage.

If you manage to kill the opponent in the triangle, it will reduce the cooldown of this skill by 80%.

Skills This last one can be a spear for the Blind Man character from the Ghost Cave to be very wary of by other players.

Photo via: Lokapala

Interestingly, currently there is a Lokapala Top Up promo. With a minimum of 15 thousand rupiahs of Citrine top up, you can get Ksatriya Barda!

This promo is valid from March 14 to April 14 2022. This top up promo is only valid if you top up on . So, don’t miss the promo, Ksatriya!

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