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Free! This is How to Get a Permanent Legal Epic Skin from Mobile Legends

Moonton is ready to share the permanent Mobile Legends epic skin for free that fans of the game can do.

Welcoming the month of Ramadan which will soon arrive, Mobile Legends has finally prepared an interesting event.

The event is story sharing where you will tell your interesting experiences throughout the month of Ramadan that you have passed.

Cheap MLBB Diamonds

Later, interesting stories will get prizes directly from Mobile Legends, namely permanent epic skins that are guaranteed to be legal for free.

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No hassle

Photo via Mobile Legends

To get a permanent epic skin, the required requirements are certainly not troublesome and not as complicated as other challenges.

As explained earlier, you only need to share experiences about unique things that you have done in the month of Ramadan.

Therefore, here is a complete way for you to participate and win epic skins permanently from Mobile Legends.

  1. Post your story with the theme ““Togetherness During Fasting”” on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube Community.
  2. Use photos or videos for a bigger chance to win. Free story length.
  3. Must mention the official MLBB Indonesia social media account (according to where you posted: FB / IG / YT) and use #MLBBRamadhanStory

To win a bigger chance to get free skins, of course, don’t forget to prepare supporting photos and videos that match the story.

So, that’s the newest way to legally get permanent epic skins for free from Mobile Legends. Interested in trying Spinners?

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